You Gotta Read How People Reacted When Aamir Khan Cried After Watching Katti Batti!


Twitterati Doesn’t Spare Anyone!

And this time it’s Aamir Khan..

So yet again our Mr Perfectionist couldn’t control his tears.

You saw him crying after watching Bajrangi Bhaijaan, and this time he cried after watching Imran Khan film Katti Batti.

And Twitter made a joke out of it, all in good humour.

Some of these tweets were so hilarious, that you yourself would cry  after reading them.

Here’s how Crying Aamir Khan went viral on Twitter.

Caution Alert: You’ll die laughing reading these.

How well he defined towel use for Aamir!


Now you know Aamir’s whatsapp status!

He is perfectionist even in crying!

Now Pushpa will know why we hate tears re!

Roya re!

Aamir ko rona kyu aata hai?


And then Tanmay Bhatt comes and hits a boundary with this tweet!

So now the nation wants to know Aamir Khan ko itna rona kyun aata hai?

And may be this is the answer to the above question!

Arvind Kejriwal made muffler famous and now looks like towel is getting famous because of Aamir Khan.

This gif perfectly shows why!


Well who said boys and men don’t cry?

It’s good to express your emotions sometimes, don’t you think so?

All this in good humour, everyone knows what a fab actor Aamir is and we don’t mind him crying after movies, at least it keeps Twitterati busy 😉

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