These Hilariously Witty People Are A Pro At Breaking Rules Which Will Make You Go ROFL!

Witty People

Witty People – Bring rules is not good, I agree but people like these won’t let me feel guilty about breaking any.

We have a list of witty people and the things they have done which prove that no matter what, no rule can stop us from doing what we want to and breaking rules is FUN.

Get ready to burst your lungs out of laughter after looking at these witty people who break rules likes a boss.

1 – This dude is savage for sure. There is no notice, no humble words and no possible way of getting the black marker back from him. His attachment to the black board marker is absolutely visible.

2 – Library rule board? Well, it’s just a coincidence that none of the four rules apply to this thug right here. He’s not breaking the rules; he is just living his life on his own conditions probably opposing the others and the authorities.

3 – Oh Sshh! Do not tell the god damn onion that we lost his knife. He might make us cry ever more after getting his ego shattered by a cheese cutting knife.

4 – That’s only because no one printed “Do Not Reply” on the machine! The dude is just trying to be courteous by replying. What’s wrong in that?

5 – Oh no! He is just in a cranky mood. Or probably that the way he smiles, stop judging the adorable fellow right here.

6 – We are not stubborn; we just know how to make ourselves clear in any way you’ll understand. That’s it!

7 – That’s your fault man. You never mentioned which blade you were talking about! Huh!

8 – Dear Human, you make the rules, we break the rules. Is it something too difficult to understand?

9 – I swear I’m a teenager. It’s just the hairstyle and the hair-dye. I am not lying you oldie!

10 – Because the world says that we should NEVER discriminate between a man and a woman. I ONLY follow ethical rules.

11 – Umm, which ball?

12 – Do you think I’ll listen to a god damn tetra pack? Who the hell does this little puff of plastic thinks he is?

Isn’t it hilarious that how some witty people figure out ways to break the rules in a way they’ll get applauded for doing so? Creativity and humor makes one of the best, rarest and the most amazing combinations ever. Isn’t it?

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