Funny Things Happen When You Move in With Your In-Laws

Come on, tell us frankly, what crosses your mind when you think of moving in with your in-laws? that they will be intimidating? there will be winds of unsolicited Gyaans? they will press you for bearing their descendant? the will keep you on your toes with the household works? they will be fault-finding and you can’t dress up in your own terms? well, my girl, get a fact-check. The recent scenario has changed a lot and the in-laws are not all those from the K-series serials chanting mental dialogues against you or vowing to destroy you. Take a chill pill!

Millennials are afraid of marriage because in Indian ethos, in-laws play a pivotal part and they have always been demonized by the Bahus for obvious reasons. If a westernized lifestyle is your kink, so far, you were expected to be apologetic about it but not any longer. Sasural is no longer that hellhole that you always thought it to be, rather, you it has way liberal approach now towards accepting the new gen.

The video below is a rough sketch of what Indian marital houses look like now to the daughter-in-law. The in-laws here are no less than her own parents who treat her in the same manner as they would treat their own daughter. This video, however, compels us to think that are we, the Bahus, not way too critical about our parents-in-laws? that too driven by the stereotypical beliefs that they are Claudius or Lady Macbeth straight out of the pages of Shakespeare?

It could not get cooler to have a Sasumom like the one in the video. Firstly, she never barrages her daughter-in-law with life gyaans and gives her the breathing space. Secondly, when she changes the sofa with a new set, she doesn’t roll her eyes. Thirdly, she even passes slapstick jokes on seeing her hiding her beautiful dress behind a funny jacket. I mean, how cool is that?

The Bahu, obviously learns to take care of her new family because it comes easily to her. The chemistry between them is like water, beguiling and simple. So far, we have come to believe that taking care of your parents-in-laws bears no fruit because they will anyway be critical, but when parents-in-laws are the cool lots like this, life is a party!

Everyone deserves to live life in their own conditions. Respect and love is earned not thrusted. When it is trusted upon someone, it becomes duty. This video is a heart-warming ode to the new-age chemistry between the Bahu and her parents-in-law which is so fun to watch. Don’t believe us? well, see it for yourself and laugh a bit like we did.

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