Rahul vs Modi: Let’s get the economics right

UPA is being seen as a decade old burden now and Modi fits every space you leave.

The real battle is on. Two future prime ministerial candidates, one on the back foot always and another eager to be declared one, were addressing the common man from different stages.

Yes we are talking about Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi and Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi.

Rahul Gandhi took the opportunity of giving ownership rights to residents of 45 resettlement colonies in Delhi for luring the masses. His speech was much focussed on votes as the policies his government is devising. The last minute ranting saw him dismissing opposition’s criticism which was summed up in few sentences.

The sentimental talking was on the foray when he played the poor and food card saying, “Is feeding someone would be called as wastage of money? Is providing food to the poor wastage of money?”

The crowd, nonetheless cheered him. But can we please ask Rahul to present them the vicious cycle? Why can’t he tell them that the food that we are going to provide to you is going to cost us a lot of money, which in turn will affect the economy, inflation will touch the skies. And since you will expect us to be doing social service rather than honing skills that may get you a job, it will affect you only very badly.

Perhaps he is not that well versed with the economy of our country.

Providing food to the poor is not sin Rahul. But as old Indian saying goes, providing work is better than providing food. Give somebody work and he will fend for himself and his family. Perhaps you have come across this while your discovery of India.

We really need to understand what you meant when you said that “the entire country knows that if infrastructure development has taken place then it has taken place in Delhi. And it is the Congress government that has made this happen”?

As far as our knowledge goes, the core infrastructure industries in the country have been suffering at your government’s hands. Delhi may be an exception but the entire country is devoid of developmental projects. The numerous scams have marred the prospects of the foreign inflow too. And you want us to believe that your government is doing good?

The last nail on the coffin has been the social security policies, which has been pulling the development of the country backward.

Is this what your winning strategy is? But I guess you very well know that your last minute jig is not going to save your party which is neck deep in corruption.

Well at least Narendra Modi does. He was last seen imparting lessons to all those who came to hear him (way more than the numbers who came for you) from the textbook of corruption created by your government (not far from Delhi) at Amroodon ka Bagh in Jaipur.

Needless to say when he spelled out “A for Adarsh scam, B for Bofors, C for Coalgate and D for Damad ka Karobar”, janata identified with him.

He did not talk sentiment, he did not whine about the opposition criticising the vague and populist national policies. He was speaking facts.

The country is on the “verge of destruction” according to him. The Congress before the Independence was different, but after the Independence, the entire party is dedicated to a single family,” he said.

Not only this, he does not keep himself only to domestic matters; he throws one at your international policy too.

“Our prime minister (Manmohan Singh) went to participate in the G-20 Summit. He returned, but no one in country knows what issues he raised there, what he told the international community. All he said was – who he wants to work under,” he thundered.

Your government, Rahul, is being seen as a decade old burden now and Modi fits every space you leave. Moreover, his jig on Rupee fall was bathed in applause.

“The failure of the present government at the centre has led the economic situation to such a level that the rupee has landed in hospital, where it is battling for life and death,” he said.

So, Rahul, while telling the poor that you will “never forget” them, please take the pain of calculating the loss you are going to do the economy and try finding a solution. Or, as Modi said, you can take a cue from his government.

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