10 Funniest WiFi Names Will Make You ROFL !

WiFi names

Usually, we do not care about the WiFi names, but sometimes we come across some funny WiFi names that are too hard to forget.

We might not take any effort to choose our WiFi names, but some people do. Your neighbors see your WiFi name every day, so a creative WiFi name could be the best way to say something anonymously.

Here is the list of some of the funniest and creative WiFi names:-

1 – Loading…

This could be the most creative WiFi name you have come across. The word ‘Loading’ with three dots can confuse your neighbors but in the end, they will surely laugh at it.

2 – Get Your Own Damn WiFi

This is an innovative name with which you can warn your neighbours to stay away from your WiFi. The best part is that they would not know who said it.

3 – 404 WiFi Unavailable

This has a clear message that your WiFi is only for you. I guess nobody would want to connect to your WiFi after reading this.

4 – Virus.exe

This is the best way to scare your neighbors. After all who wants virus in their systems?

5 – Shut Up Your Dogs

Your neighbor’s dog is the biggest enemy of yours; he is the one responsible for spoiling your sleep, wetting your car tires and barking at you when you are around. You can’t say this to your neighbor to shut his dog up so, the best way to deliver the message is to keep this your WiFi name.

6 – Bring Beer to 402

You can replace 402 with your room number. This will give your neighbors a reason to smile and who knows you might end up getting a beer treat.

7 – My Neighbor Sucks

The neighbors are not always nice. Most of the times, you see their dark sides. With this WiFi name, the message is conveyed and the identity is also not revealed.

8 – I’m Under Your Bed

This is the best ways one to scare your neighbours out. I am sure he/she will check under the bed once.

9 – You Kids Get Off My LAN

This is the perfect message for all the hacker out there. Surely they won’t mess up with your LAN.

10 – Kattapa Ne Bahubali Ko Kyu Mara

This is hilarious; this is the funniest WiFi name in today’s time because this is the biggest mystery of our Cinema.

Now, we are sure that you will put more effort in choosing your WiFi names. You also have the option to choose one for yourself from the list. Just one advice, keep it funny and keep it cool!

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