These Simple Methods & Apps Will Help You Track Your Lost Mobile Phone Within Minutes!

Mobile Phones have become an indispensable part of our lives and the thought of losing a phone makes us terrified. However, gone are those days when a stolen phone was irretrievable; today…

Owing to our busy lifestyles, it is not surprising that at some point or another, we are likely to lose our mobile phones.

However, when a handset goes missing, it doesn’t only imply that one may miss important calls, but it also indicates that a lot of personal information is at stake. Below is a guide on how to track lost mobile ASAP: 

Looking Around

Start the search by dialing the number from another phone. Alternatively, one may also try calling from a computer using a program, such as, Skype or Gmail. However, this method won’t work in situations of a dead battery or if the phone is silent.

The next step is to look out in the nearby possible areas, such as, beneath piles of papers, car seats, & bed, closet, and cell-charging areas.

Tracking via IMEI Number

IMEI number is a unique International Mobile Equipment Identity number assigned to every handset. It is advisable to make a note of the IMEI code upon purchase of a new handset by pressing *#06# buttons on the phone keyboard. In cases of loss or theft, one may track lost phone using IMEI number by providing it to the police at the time of filing a FIR. Thereafter, customers may provide a copy of the FIR along with the IMEI number to their service provider, who may trace the device even if it is off or has another SIM installed in it.

Using Location Services

In today’s era of cutting-edge technology, using location services is one of the easiest ways to find lost mobile. While it is essential to download these apps before the phone goes missing, there are also other ways to trace lost phone.

For SmartPhone Users

SmartPhone users need not worry much as there are multiple apps available in the market which provide information on the lost phone, such as, Prey, FoneFinder, SeekDroid: Find My Phone, and more. Most of them are free and open-source anti-theft applications which help in locating the handset, wiping information remotely, capturing phone movements, and much more. Apps such as Plan B help in tracing the device, even though the user hadn’t installed it before it went missing.     

For iPhone Users

iPhone users may locate their missing phone by logging on to their iCloud account and clicking on the Find My iPhone tab. If the device is on, the app will reveal its location on Google Maps and enables customers to lock their phone and erase important data. 

For Non-SmartPhone Users

While Android phone users have plentiful of ways to track lost Android Phone, non-smartphone users may feel slightly out of luck, unless they have previously registered their mobile with AccuTracking or a similar service, which uses the phone’s built-in GPS to track its location.

The next time you lose your phone; don’t panic, but try out these simple methods and apps. If you’re one of those who wish to stay ahead of the game, you may download some useful apps on your mobile beforehand.

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