5 Men Reveal What They Would Give Up Sex For ! Shocking!

They Would Give Up Sex

They would give up sex for – Sexual intercourse is the most tempting and enticing pleasures of life and one cannot compare this pleasure with anything else in the world.

Men can go to any extent to seek this pleasure even if its cheating, but what if we tell you there are men who can give up s** for few things. Yes 5 men spill beans on what they would give up sex for!

They would give up sex for

Unlimited money

  1. If I am given tons of money I would give up s** happily. I would kick my job and would travel the world rather. I just want to travel and explore beautiful places.

An Foodie says

  1. Food and some more food, is what I can Swap s** for. So, if I am given unlimited food for lifetime I can give up s**. I love my Rajma chawal, Biryani, Chinese, Italian, Pizza, pav Bhaji, etc and the list is never ending, I would probably dine at all the famous restaurants under the sun.

Sleep and sleep lazy bug

  1. I can give up s** if I am allowed to sleep and sleep as sleep is my priority.

Too greedy and thoughtful

  1. I can give up s** if someone gives me a Genie who can fulfill all my wishes all through my life. I wouldn’t work, I just want to travel, party, enjoy, and drink eat and spend.

This is too much to digest!

  1. I can give up s** if someone made me the richest man, I just want to become multimillionaire buy all luxuries known to mankind ever. I want to live life king size. Own a private jet, bungalows, wear designer brands, drink, and party. Basically I just want to eat drink party and repeat.

This is what they would give up sex for – While there are men who can do anything for sex, there are few who can give up but yes as you read above the demands are endless to swap for  sex. Let us know your take on this.

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