Ten Funny Reasons Why a Car Is Better Than a Two Wheeler

Are you a car or a bike lover? Well, we have put together 10 pointers to show, on a lighter note, how a car is better than a two wheeler.

Trust me your girlfriend is not bothered about your new bike or a two wheeler. Show her a four wheeler and watch her eyes get awed. And there are reasons why cars are better than bikes any day. We are here to throw some bright light on the subject, of course, without any hard feelings!

Here are 10 reasons why a car is better than two wheelers. Well, we didn’t have to dig much! 

Don’t Spoil Your Date

Have you imagined going on a blind date on a bike during monsoons, all stained and drenched. Well, that way you actually spoil the first impression and make a fool of yourself. Besides, isn’t it embarrassing too? You bet!

If you are going by a car, you can create a good impression of yourself. A girl would certainly walk away with a man who owns a car!  Romance is so much on the cards inside the privacy of a car. I know you agree to this with a smile on your face.


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