Canteen diaries: The day we mass bunked!

What happens when we mass bunked…read onto find out more!

What fun is a college if you don’t mass-bunk! As a self-proclaimed ‘cool’ collegian, I had also indulged in this craziness. But the repercussions were so mean that I won’t suggest anybody to do this. It all started off on a lazy Monday when everybody was fighting the famous blues.


It was also a week before our mid-terms so nobody really wanted to sit for lectures. But due to a strict attendance code, everybody had to show up for classes at 8 in the morning. Some of us did manage to go, cursing our bad luck and with a sick feeling in our stomachs. As we reached the classroom, we realised most of the kids had not come, despite a strict circular from the principal. We were about 20-odd people in a classroom meant for 150 students. We were dejected further! As the peon made the announcement about our lecture being postponed to 9 am, we all made a quick decision. Those who had diligently come to college decided to bunk too. Instead of our everyday gossip and canteen sessions, we decided to head for photocopying notes and to exchange other important questions and the like. The exam fever was truly raging in us as we were determined more than ever to ace the mid-terms.

After a rather fruitful day (which is pretty rare if you’re in college), we headed home to prepare for our papers. The day productive and we were all bursting with energy. But the night is what changed everything for us. All of us got a mail from the college authorities asking us to stay at home for the rest of the term as we had been rusticated! With a stunned silence started the round of calls to each other, the chain-mails, the ‘we’re sorry’ letters, the petitions and discussions on forums.

I have always been one of those students who would never miss an exam, a text or an assignment deadline. So when this whole situation blew up in my face, I couldn’t stop crying. I didn’t know back then that your college life doesn’t define what or who you become. I had thought it was the end for me. So on the following day, the students who had so religiously bunked classes made their way to the principal’s office. She was quite amused to see us and even smirked a little after counting us out. ‘Good to the full strength, guys!’ She said. ‘Ms Kalra. Here’s your entire class. Please finish their lecture.’ Yes, that’s all she said and walked away with the cell phone tucked to her ears. Ms Kalra, whose lecture we had bunked, didn’t wait for any preamble and started with her lessons right there.

None of us knew how to react. We were damn glad about not being expelled, but were little disappinted that the principal had played a cool prank on us! I didn’t know what to take away from that day. Whether bunking is right or wrong, nobody knows. It’s a good thing the teachers didn’t scold us as that would have wrecked us. We all put in our best in the paper and everybody managed to score stunning marks. A kind of a thank you gift to our principal!

Did you do anything in college that you’re (or not) proud of? Do write to us and we might just publish your copies!

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