Peru Country That Celebrates Death with Happiness

Peru is one of the countries that celebrate death with happiness. Generally, people are in grief when anyone is dead but it is exceptional in this country. Relative to some of the strange cultures Peruvians celebrates death which is something that astonishes other parts of the world. The traditions are from the Andean rituals that are still practiced by the community people.

Being in grief is not part of their culture, as they somewhere believe that there is nothing to cry for a person who left the world. Celebrating the day is a way to connect people and their families with their forefathers and ancestors.

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Importance of the day of death

One of the most favorite celebrations in Peru on the day after the Halloween celebrations. It is known as the “All Saints Day”. On this day the family members meet their forefathers at the cemeteries. One of the cemeteries in the “Nueva Esperanza”, on this particular day in November they celebrate this day. No, showers or shades of grief are seen, but people play music, enjoy meetup, and have food in the graveyard itself.

This is a day revealing wonderful moments when they cherish the best time with families and ancestors. On this day the cemetery turns to become a place to party and merry go round. Peru celebrates death with the lighting of candles in the evening, beautifully adorning skeletons with flowers. Praying and offering flowers to the skeleton is a part of their rituals. In which it means they are connecting and offering to their ancestors.

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Drinks offered to their ancestors

Though it is not at all common in the different parts of the country, having drinks with food in the cemetery is part of the celebration. People are with glasses of drinks not only with their families but also for their forefathers. After having their drinks they leave some in the glass and offer it to the graveyards.

All families carry their own food, drinks, and blankets to the cemeteries and spend the whole day with the spirits. Chatting, having fun, and playing the music for the deceased near the graveyard, they are spending quality time not only for themselves but also with their lost ones.

Tradition celebrates death

When the entire world celebrates the birth and mourns on death, grief remains life long. Even when they are in the graveyard after several years or immediately after death. But the Peruvians have a colorful and encouraging culture, that inspires them to have a good time. Instead of mourning Peru celebrates death, it is better to spend a good time with the souls of ancestors.

Not only Nueva Esperanza cemeteries but local cemeteries celebrate the “All Saint’s Day”. The day almost begins as a festival and continues with laughter, happiness, and get together. On the 2nd of November, this day is crucial for all Peruvian families as they meet their ancestors.

It is one of the unique traditions that make the culture and people popular as well as lively worldwide.

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