Attention Seekers: Find Out How Silly They Can Be!

Attention seeking behaviours – Attention seeking comes naturally to humans. Though not everyone gets it, some do people manage to catch people’s eye with their unique antics.

Humans, being social creatures, seek attention, although not everyone succeeds in it.

People, who get attention naturally, bask in the glory and enjoy every moment of being in the public’s eye. The ignored ones, on the other hand, have their shell to go back into when no one cares for their opinion.

The society often frowns upon people who are too much into seeking attention. But does it have to be that way?

Screw people, say some people and they get attention in one way or another. Here are some ways using which they have succeeded in being the centre of attraction.

One of the best places to garner people’s attention is at the ATM locations. When the money eventually comes out, they yell “I won! I won!” and sprint madly. They successfully manage to turn a few heads for their action.


If they hold power over the office’s coffee machine, they make it a point to have ample amounts of decaf that last for a couple of weeks. Once every co-worker is over their individual caffeine addiction, they switch the coffee to espresso. This is bound to piss off people majorly.


If they hold an authoritative position at their workplace, dressing in retro fashion instead of casual wear gets them the much-needed attention.


While preparing hard copy documents, they never use punctuations. This is their way to ripen grudge with the Grammar Nazis.


They make sure that their co-workers do not use any salutations or their original name while addressing them. Instead, they ask people to call them by a fictional name.


Every time when they walk, they skip instead of walking. They obviously appear weird and that gets them their share of attention.


At home: If they have two children, while at the dining table, they tell the kids that they have to let one of them go because of recession.


If their friends have planned an outing, a week before the actual day, tell them that they cannot make it. The reason they provide is ‘I feel bored’.


In case they visit a zoo, they choose a moment when there’s a large crowd walking towards them. Once they are sure, they run like all hell has broken loose and shout, “Run!! They are out of their cages!”


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