Setting up home for Diwali on a budget

We tell you cheaper but impactful alternatives’¦


You have probably started cleaning up your home, one room a day and throwing out all the trash and creating space for new objects. But, when you get down to making the budget for renovation and how much you can actually afford to spend, it invariably turns out that there’s little money in your kitty as compared to the kind of expenses you are looking at. We all have gone through this dilemma of deciding what to do and what to leave and that’s why, what we have here is a budget-friendly and yet impactful ways to make the home festive ready.

The Kitchen Makeover

When you walk into your kitchen and those greasy, dusty cabinets meet your eyes, it can really put you off and won’t give you enough boost to cook in a happy state of mind. At times, decoration is as much about subtraction as it is about adding new things. Look at those cabinets again and think what you can do to drastically change the look of your kitchen. We will tell you. Remove the doors from the cabinets and repaint the interiors. Display your favourite crockery and mugs and it will give your kitchen a welcoming change. Think of stark white, ivory or pastel shades for a more English look.

For the Living Room

Look at integrating your personality and life experiences into your space. Dedicate a wall to all those mementoes you have collected since your childhood. It can be a small thing like the first Hot Wheels you ever purchased.  Give your room the illusion of a bigger space by hanging the curtains from the ceiling. Move your curtain rod from the window pane to the ceiling and it will give the room a greater sense of height. Change the pillows and covers, if not the sofa or any other kind of seating. Look at super comfy pillows in large sizes and covers in bright shades of ink blue, fuchsia and ombre to give it a more festive and winter appeal. Take out those interesting hardcover books from your study table and use them as tablescapes or mantel arrangement. Add some lamps and hang your family pictures.

Redoing the Bedroom

Line the backs of boring bookcases with an interesting wall paper. Frame those doodles which you made as a kid and hang them on the walls. Take out those baubles and jewellery pieces from your cupboard and hang them on a stand, or on the wall. This will also keep them away from getting tangled. Turn a hodgepodge of assorted plates into a colourful art. Find a suitable wall in your bedroom, gather all the plates with beautiful colours or designs and hang them in a fashion. Place a rug on the floor and throw a colourful blanket on your bed to add an extra layer of colour and fabric. Add some flower vases and lamps.  

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