7 Highest Paid Contestants Of Bigg Boss That You May Not Know

rimi sen

Bigg Boss show is known for its entertainment and controversies. And to keep TRPs high of course they need contestants that can bring in and glue the viewers to the show.

And that’s why many celebs were paid whopping sum and some celebs charged so high that sum was even higher than winning prize amount.

These facts and figures regarding the payments were kept under wraps but some leaked reports gave us sneak peek on how this show can instantly made these contestants Malamaal weekly literally.

Let us have a look at highest paid celebs on the Bigg Boss show :

#1     Pamela Anderson-Bigg Boss 4

This Baywatch star pocketed whopping amount of Rupees 2.5 crore for three day stay in the house. We obviously know she was paid such hefty amount. And TRPs for the few episodes skyrocketed that time.


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