Shamelessly Drunk – Things You Should Do When You Are Hammered

When you are drunk

When you are drunk – So you like to get drunk once in a while, but that does not mean that you are a drunkard.

Being drunk is fun; not for you, but for your friends and daunting at the same time. They witness the other side of you that they would not see when you are sober.

Some moments, when you are drunk, which can be embarrassing for you. You accept it and move on.

Most people also follow certain guidelines as to what one should do and not to do while under the influence of alcohol.

I ask, why the restrictions. You are already drunk, meaning you can possibly get away with most foolish acts you try to pull off at the time.

Here is the list of things that you can do when you are smashed –

When you are drunk –

Texting your ex while drunk is awesome. Bad breakups end abruptly leaving both parties dissatisfied, as they do not get to express their emotions. Being drunk and texting should be fine because you would have no recollection of it the next day you wake up. However, going through your phone later would remind you of what you did and bring satisfaction since you spoke your mind.


Many bars today have karaoke stationed within the establishment. No sober person in their right mind would go up to the stage and sing a song. I assure that getting drunk would give you the much-needed courage to participate in karaoke singing. One of your non-drunk friends can record the entire session for you to reminisce.


Online shopping is another activity that you can engage in. If you have wanted to buy something that you initially thought was expensive, feel free to shop for the same product. You will see it as a drunken mistake and move on.


You can also dance inappropriately and be forgiven for the same, which would not be the case when you are not drunk. Have a special costume that you would want to wear while at it? Do that. The more props you inroduce, the more fun you will have.


Where some amusement parks serve alcohol, others do not. So you can choose the former and get drunk there or drink beforehand and go to an amusement park that does not serve alcohol. Remember, your goal here is to make a total fool out of yourself. Get on the ride that has till date scared the bejesus out of you. You can puke all over your friends once you are done ‘enjoying’ the ride/s.


Update your Facebook status and provide updates constantly on everything you are doing then and there. Tag your mates, who do not drink, in the process getting them in trouble with their friends and family members. Again, you will have no recollection whatsoever until the next day when the clouds clear.


If you are in a bar, make sure that you hit on all the hotties, or some, that are present. Unashamedly, use the cheekiest pickup lines. See to it that you are at your drunken best so that you slur and appear dumber than ever. You might even manage to pick up a bar fight that will give you battle scars.


Photobomb is the modern day trend; so, why not participate in it? Although, do not photobomb your friends. There’s no fun in it. Photobomb strangers. If possible, be aware of when the flash will go on and jump or appear in front of the camera at the time.


You can also be at your inappropriate best. Curse your friends, insult them. Bring out their condescending behaviours or disrespect they show to others, even if they do not. If you haven’t had the courage to tell your girlfriend something, this is the moment to speak your mind. She won’t take you seriously because you are drunk, but her behaviour might change, as expected.


End the day by sleeping in the most random place you find. If a restaurant is open round-the-clock, sleep there!

 When you are drunk

These are the thing that you should do when you are drunk –

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