Intimate corner in your room

Create a personal nook in your room to relax after a hectic day a work, read books or watch movies during weekends, or chat up with your friends in privacy…


You have been living with roommates for a while now, or, you have been sharing your room with your sibling and are missing your private space in the room. Well, we all need some amount of intimacy in our lives and especially, when we return home from a hectic day at work or college, we do feel like having some space to ourselves jus to relax or introspect. During weekends, it is always a welcoming thought to snuggle up in your own intimate corner and just lie down watching a movie on the laptop, or reading something, or talking to our beloveds. We all face a problem of space crunch, literally, and so, what we have here is a plan for you to create a cosy nook, without much spending and hard work.

Separate: The idea behind create a conversational or private nook is to separate from the rest of the atmosphere in the room. So choose a corner, preferably near a window, and close the area with a sheer curtain or beautiful, collapsible separator.

Seating: If you have large facade windows in your room then nothing like it. You can play around with the seating. If you prefer low, then throw in a nice rug, put some cushions or a beanbag or two are you are set. For a more conversational space, it is best to put two cosy chairs with a small round table in the centre. If you want it also to be your reading nook, all you need to do is make some space to keep your books – use shelves, create a storage-cum-seating where you can stock your books below and put some cushions on the surface to sit, carve out a space within the walls to keep your stuff, or hang some interesting wall cabinets to place your books. If you have a deep closet, you can convert it into a hideaway space. Take off the doors and drawers to create a bed-height seating, put in some cushions, overhead lighting and bookshelves and you are done. Options are aplenty.

Decor: It is the most important thing to keep in mind when you want the space to look personal to you. Pick up all objects which give you a sense of belonging or take you back into time with some beautiful memories associated with them, and place in your intimate corner. Collect some photographs which you have clicked, or from your childhood, or with your lover or first crush in school, or with your friends, or a mix of all these, frame them up and hang on your walls. Squeeze in a lamp or put overhead lighting to set the mood right. You can further touch up the space with cool, decorative pots, mugs, vases, clock and other knick-knacks.

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