How To Move From College To Corporate

Here are a few tips to help the final years prep themselves for a corporate life ahead.

Transition is an ongoing process that every being experiences at different stages in life.

For somebody who is a corporate worker now, transition has been taking place right since he/she joined kindergarten. From primary to secondary section to early years of higher education, occupational training and independent living- the transition truly makes you experience a rollercoaster ride.

For an individual, starting to work in an organization is a unique and critically important phase that requires a special perspective and strategy to be a successful fresher. Research proves that the success of the transition period has a major impact on aspects like salary, advancement, job satisfaction and ability to have cordial relationships within the organization as well as on one’s own feeling of satisfaction, success, accountability and commitment to the job.

Having passed through that phase myself, I can tell you that preparing yourself to bridge the gap between the campus and corporate smoothly requires a lot of effort. While at college all you get to experience is excitement, fun and freedom, having entered the corporate life once all you get to experience is professionalism and responsibilities. Here are a few tips to help the final years prep themselves for a corporate life ahead.

– Punctuality is one of the most important things at work. While in college there were times when you could enter the class even fifteen minutes later, the corporate sector is very strict when it comes to timings.

–  If there is no event you participated in during college, it is time you learnt what a responsibility means in corporate life. Sticking to the deadlines given to you is the topmost notch here. No excuses will work, not even if you tell your employer that you were hit by lightning.

– If you ever mentioned on your resume that you were a flexible worker, there is nothing better than the corporate sector to measure your flexibility. Even if you’re given a task that is not related to your profile, your success at the task will tell your employers about your degree of flexibility.

– Following professional ethics and manners is a must in the corporate sector.

– As a beginner you’ll need to prove yourself to your seniors. So while you’re in the learning phase use your communication skills to deploy your potentials and maintain a cordial relationship with your employer and colleagues.

– Remember when the class mass bunked and no one told the faculty the reason behind it? You need to do exactly the same thing here, only this time in favour of your employer. Being a team player is one of the biggest assets you’ll have gained while working in the corporate sector.

A person moving out from a campus life and entering a corporate life needs a lot of planning and strategizing. This phase is very crucial in a student’s life and needs to be handled effectively. Your grooming must be done in such a way that makes you aware of the skill sets, etiquettes and challenges you’ll get to face in the corporate world. You’re expected to be the best and perform the best in an unstructured, totally new environment. While college life gave you a warm, welcoming and comfy feeling, the corporate sector might turn a total disaster if you aren’t prepared for it.

Not that I am trying to induce fear in your young minds, but being aware of things that lie ahead of you is just as good. As for me, I would say that making a successful transition from campus to corporate is the most exciting and challenging phenomena in a student’s life and should be handled appropriately.

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