Nostalgia Trip: Remember The Cast Of Slumdog Millionaire? This Is What They’re Upto Now!


Slumdog Millionaire movie unambiguously is one of the best movies that we have seen.

It was proud moment for Indians when Indian actors and music director A. R. Rahman were awarded at several award shows including the Oscars.

Today we thought to revere this remarkable movie by having a look at the star cast.

Let us have a look at the star cast of Slumdog Millionaire and  what have been up to since the film:

1.   Azharuddin Ismail

The youngest Salim from the movie is 15 year old and attends school. He said in an interview that he used to live in a slum and now he has shifted to a good apartment as well as to a better school in Santa Cruz, Mumbai.


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