Things You’ll Relate To If You Have A Gujju Friend!

Gujju Friend

Gujju Friend – Gujaratis are more than dhokla and khakras!

They are the most fun loving and wonderful people to hang around with.

Whether it’s their language or rich culture, you just can’t help but say that they are one of the most entertaining lot.

And it’s a bliss if you have Gujju best friend.

Here’s to all the Gujarati people around, lets take a look at things you’ll relate to if you have a Gujju friend!

Tu hai toh I’ll be alright!


Yes they are considered to be the most dependable! They will always have your back and will bail you out of any problem because surprisingly they have ‘Jugaad’ for everything. You can trust them and they will never let you down.

You know more than ‘Sex’, ‘Sensex’ excite them!


Coz its Beejiness for them all the time! They are born to be entrepreneurs it seems!

They can speak any language in the world like no one does! And all in just ‘Gujarati’ 😉


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And we love them!

It’s not Bhangra but garba all the way for them!


And they never get tired of it ever even after non-stop garba! Kya energy hai boss!

More than dhokla it’s chaar bottle vodka for them!


This is so so true! 😉

And you know their pain of travelling all the way just to arrange a bottle of you know what!


And now you know how they manage to get a bottle always! Well they are so used to it…

You might have heard this word more often from them ‘Chapli’


And you wonder if it’s their staple food!

They will crack even a lame joke just to make you smile 🙂


You guys are so hilarious! Ummm looks like they take ‘Laughter is the best medicine’ saying quite seriously and will make you laugh no matter what!

They chant NaMo NaMo more than anything else!


Because their answer to everything is NaMo!

You know their love for Gujarati food like no one does!

gujarati food

You know their love for Gujarati thali and well you also get tempted to it!

Want to sharpen your bargaining skills? Just take your Gujju friend along!


You get to save a lot of money!

And last but not the least you know they have their relatives in almost all the countries!


Yes name a country and you will find them there!

This one dedicated to all the Gujju people.

We truly love you!

Do you relate to this one? Don’t forget to tell us if you have more points to share.

Cheers to all the Gujju’s around!


Having a Gujju friend -Bau saras che!

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