Unbelievable, Shocking, And Open Sex Life Of These Hollywood Stars!

Details about various Hollywood stars like Will Smith, Angelina Jolie, Miley Cyrus etc who had sex in weird and public places. This is different from how Indian celebrities behave…

This is strictly for the adventurous fun-loving adults!

Those who believe in routine, dull, business-as-usual kind of approach when it comes to bedroom affairs please don’t waste your depleted energies!!

Now, those who are with us, let us talk about the bold and wild encounters of some of our favorite Hollywood stars. Trust these actors to make things really spicy when it comes to sex. Not only are they open and frank about their sex-lives, they don’t even mind getting some action in places where a normal person wouldn’t even dare to do anything like that.

Hot dude Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett-Smith are believers of open marriage. Both claim to have had crazy wild encounters in weird places with the most memorable one described by Jada herself. She mentioned a Rolls-Royce ride to Oscars where-in the journey was nothing but orgasmic! Hope you got the hint guys. “wink wink”

Not to be left behind, Angelina Jolie, the sizzling siren of Hollywood claims that sex in car has been one of the most common things in her life. The spicier bit of news about her is that she has been a bi-sexual for most part of her adult life. Only after she got hooked with Brad Pitt, did she stop dating women. Aah!! All those former female lovers of hers must be so jealous of Brad Pitt and his hot body!

When it comes to a sexy figure, Kourtney Kardashian, younger sister of Kim Kardashian, is way ahead of many mainstream actresses. She really seems to work hard in gym. But that’s not the only objective for her to go to gym. Yes, we like what you are thinking and you are right! She made news for having sex with her lover boy Scott Disick right in their gym. Guess, they were checking out whether having sex burns calories or not!

But the icing on the cake goes to Miley Cyrus! She is one gutsy chick who showed immense amount of boldness by having sex with her boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth, under a table, right during the Vanity Fair Oscars Party! And boy, she made sure that she was caught live in the act. No better way for tones of free of publicity!

However one of the trendsetters for such public acts has been none-other than Baywatch-babe, Pamela Anderson! The yummylicious busty babe married her then husband Tommy Lee and then somehow, scandalistically, released their honeymoon tape on internet! It created euphoria and led to many more celebrities launching their sex-clips for quick publicity. But nothing ever matches to Pam’s antics.

If all these adventurous acts inspire you to come up with some suggestions on even wilder action places, do not feel shy to use the comment box below. Let us have it all, from a wild-wild-imagination!! 

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