5 Hollywood Movies Releasing This Summer Which Are A Complete Must Watch

Hollywood Movies Releasing In Summer

Hollywood Movies Releasing In Summer – Hello there, movie buffs!

Summer is here and we are already hiking up the ACs in our rooms.

What can give more comfort than an AC room, a big bowl of chips and your favourite film? If you are a truly film freak, you might want to catch the first day first show slot of these Hollywood movies releasing in summer!

Hollywood Movies Releasing in Summer

  • Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

Releasing on May 26, this movie brings to you another adventure of the luckless pirate, Jack Sparrow who is hounded by various ghost pirates, most importantly the scary Captain Salazar. He is determined to kill all other pirates at sea, including Sparrow.

  • The Fate of the Furious

This film stars Charlise Theron,  an Oscar winning actress. This is a film which is a continuation of 6 films before. Starting on a much happier scenario, it leads to betrayal and conceit in its wake. Would ne cool to find out what happens, right?! It hits the theatres on April 14 world-wide.

  • Transformers: The Last Knight

Take about busting the long-prevalent myths! This version of the Transformers franchise is about the war between humans and the Transformers, and the secret to saving the earth is buried in the past, in the history of Transformers on Earth. This film redefines the concept of heroism. It is slated to release on June 23.

  • Despicable Me 3

Honestly, if you have seen the first two parts of this film, there’s not a chance you are going to miss this. Releasing on June 30, the fun and frolicking adventures continue on a roll!

  • Everything, Everything

This s for all the romantic souls out there waiting for their favourite genre! Well, this is about a 17 year old girl, Maddy, suffering from a rare disease that makes her allergic to everything. She has been shut up in her house for 17 long years, seeing only her mom and her nurse. But things change when a new boy moves next door and Mardy falls in love with him. Piqued your interest already, haven’t we? It is hitting the theatres on  May 19.

These are the Hollywood movies releasing in summer which are a complete must much this summer, if you are a filmy freak. Well we are crushing over these and can’t wait for some to release.  While few are action packed, few are dramatic and few romantic so there is one for everyone. Well watch and enjoy with your partners and beat the heat when temperature is soaring high outside you enjoy your coke and movie and AC off course!

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