Want To Walk Through A Live Volcano?

There are many natural wonders of this planet, worth experiencing in all their authenticity. Let us just talk about one of most exhilarating ones.

What could be more exciting than walking through a live volcano and come out alive?

Well, yes, we take you to that wonder called, St. Lucia!

But there is much more to it than just this enthralling adventure.

Let us explore.

St Lucia, an intriguing island nation sitting in the Caribbean is a must place to visit. It is named after St. Lucy of Syracuse. Going back in the history one finds that at different times St. Lucia has been a French and British colony. The control of the island kept switching between France and Britain, until Britain finally succeeded in snatching the power completely.

As a destination, St. Lucia offers numerous impressive attractions, so much so, that at times it becomes difficult to choose between the best sites to visit while on a St Lucia holiday.

Although it is still active, it is safe for visitors, to go inside and observe. The smell of sulphur may be somewhat discomforting but largely there is no danger with it. This volcano is also one of the reasons why St Lucia is popular. It is the only place on earth where there is a drive-through volcano. Tourists can actually drive in to view its interior. It is a thrilling experience to witness a live volcano’s crater and sulphur pools.

Fond d’Or Nature Historic Park

This is a must place to visit If you have the interest in ancient history. Also, the best way to learn about the past is by visiting any of the old plantation houses there. While on the tour, you will discover many historic structures and sites that were built way back during the sugar plantation era. By visiting this park alone, you will get to know a lot about the history of the island.



Sea Wonders

While on your St Lucia holiday, it is a must to experience scuba diving or snorkelling. It is your chance to witness the wonderful underwater life and the natural coral formations. You will also get to see seahorses, turtles, and other sea creatures at a close range.

For the more adventurous ones, there is a lot more that St. Lucia offers.



Canopy Tour

Try fastening yourself to a zip line that is almost 75 feet high. There is nothing more thrilling than to be over the luxuriant rainforest while zipping from first base to the second. If you want an adrenaline pumping experience, then this is the best activity for you. After the rush, you will surely feel rejuvenated and refreshed.



 Deep Sea Fishing

Fishing is one of the most exciting activities that you can indulge in, while in St. Lucia. You have the chance to learn how to catch various fishes like mackerel, marlin, and barracuda. All of these marine species are common in the waters of St Lucia so there is no trouble finding them. You can also opt to whale watch or swim with the dolphins if you like.



Foodie Wonders

Zest and irresistible aroma are the characters of St Lucia’s cuisine. The cookery in this island is commonly called as Creole. It is a mix of European, American, African, and Indian cuisines. Modern cooks and chefs have completely rediscovered the exotic flavours of the traditional dishes of St Lucia. Hence, the island serves the best food around the Caribbean.

The hot and happening food festivals, which are the major events on the island, are a real treat for everyone, including locals and visitors. These are the occasions where spices, seafood, and other great dishes are showcased and shared. Often, the Caribbean rum or Piton beer is served along with the food to add merriment and more tang. You can surely dine in the elegant hotels or roadside cafes in the vicinity, but your exotic holiday will never be complete if you will not sample any of the local cuisine and drinks.

You can also experience St. Lucia’s unique food festivals by going to the fishing villages. Whatever day or season you choose to spend your vacation in this island, you will not miss these events since these take place every week.  Fish festival at Dennery and Seafood Friday at Anse La Raye; some of the famous festivals where one can feast on lobster, squid, crab, octopus, or shrimp! The beat of the local band will make the dining under the stars even more pleasurable.

 Street parties at Gros Islet in Rodney Bay are also another form of food celebration at St. Lucia. Relish the barbecued chicken, pork, and seafood with some zestful dancing and rum till the sunrise.  St. Lucia hosts International Food Fair every year where all the local food products along with international cuisines are being showcased. Expert chefs are also present to grace the event and demonstrate their amazing cooking skills.



Shopping is a Must

In St. Lucia, there is a wide variety of shopping places from Castries market, where local crafts are available, to Pointe Seraphine and La Place Carenage, two duty free shopping centres in Castries where resort wears, Colombian emeralds jewellery, cosmetics and perfumes are available. A variety of shopping malls with extended opening hours offer a wide selection of boutiques to shop at. Most hotels have posh boutiques and vendors’ markets.


There is a lot more to do than just sunbathe and swim at the beaches in St Lucia. Go get up close and personal to the real wonders of the nature! 

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