Has Salman Khan Matured Enough To Behave Sensibly?


Salman Khan’s bratty ways are known to all!

He is the most eligible bachelor, the most spoilt brat, and yet, the most caring and down to earth actor India will ever have. Just his name is enough to generate a myriad of emotions in his fans and they are ready to fight or love on his behalf!

Another fact about him is that he is a devout family man and always gives priority to his family. That explains a lot of his recent actions, which point towards him sobering down as he ages. Yes, he is almost 50years old and he must be thinking of leaving a legacy behind that is more than drunken brawls, careless driving, reckless hunting and mindless fights with co-actors!

That explains his charity organisation, Being Human as well as his attempts to give chance to new talent entering the film industry. For years it was known that Salman gave break to new directors, charged half his fee to ensure new producers’ movies got released and did tons of un-publicised favours to both known and unknown people. What has changed now is that he doesn’t work for free, works only with people who can deliver results and has started giving more and more youngsters a chance to show their mettle at box office. Stars like Sonakshi Sinha, Katrina Kaif, and Jacqueline Fernandes swear by him!

Add to that list with the latest entrants about to make their mark, Sooraj Pancholi, son of Aditya Pancholi and Aathiya Shetty, daughter of Suniel Shetty!

Their debut film Hero is about to be released and both are singing Sallu bhai’s praises like disciples sing their God’s praise! Rightly so, for it is not easy to get such a stupendous platform to showcase your talent!

One can argue that Salman is only helping the ones who don’t need help by launching star kids and daughters, but the fact is that if these youngsters have it in them, they are going to go a long way in entertaining audiences. Except for a few duds like Zarine Khan etc., almost all of Salman’s ‘finds’ have gone ahead to make their mark in Bollywood! Hence the expectations are high and become obvious why Sallu bhai wants to give break to upcoming talent without considering them as competition.

This only happens when a star is comfortable in his own skin and is not worried about more people trying to replace him or bring him down! This, in a way, helps Salman to garner a lot of loyalty and goodwill as well that goes a long way in establishing his undisputed numero uno position at box office!

I just hope Salman keeps doing his good work that can outweigh his misdeeds and keeps his place in his fans’ heart, intact! No doubt, no one entertains like he does!

Carry on Bhai!

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