10 Things About World War II That Are Going To Unnerve You

Things about World War

Things about World War II – It was Hitler who, with his Nazi army attacked on Poland without declaring a war, set the fundamental stone of World War II. The day was September 1, 1939. It rapidly emerged as a global war that lasted from 1939-1945.

Instantaneously, two opposite military alliances were formed, the allies and the axis. The war resulted in 50-85 million casualties as being incorporated with massacres, genocide of the holocaust, strategic bombing which gave rise to starvation, diseases.

Also, World war II has luminous presence in the leaf of history as being the first war ever where the first nuclear weapon was used. Here are the 10 Things about World War II you need to know:

Things about World War II –

1. The allies and the axis:

Poland was invaded by Nazi Germany and formed an axis alliance with Italy and Japan. Germany and Soviet Union partitioned and separated their neighbouring territories such as Poland, Finland, Romania, Baltic states.

2. What importance 7th December, 1941 bears in World War II?

Japan attacked Pearl Harbour, on the island of O’ahu, Hawaii by its imperial navy without any prior declaration in the said day. It was masterminded by admiral Isoroku Yamamoto. This resulted in an continual war between the United States and Japanese empire.

3. The Role of Stalingrad of Soviet Union in World War II:

In the Southern Russia there is a city called Stalingrad which was invaded by Nazi Germany to assume power over the Soviet Union which was the bloodiest battles of human history. The counter-attack by Soviet Union resulted in destruction of the German troops and another axis forces around the city.


4. What was the longest siege in World War II?

From September 8, 1941 the siege of Leningrad commenced which lasted for 900 days. German Nazi leader Hitler wanted to starve the population of Leningrad, Russia to death and finally submit. It was the longest running siege in human history so far.

5. The biggest maritime disaster of World War II:

Wilhelm Gustloff, the Russian submarine S-13 sunk in January 30, 1945. It was on its voyage to evacuate civilians and wounded German soldiers and sailors from Gotenhafen to Kiel in Germany. There is no official count how many people died out of it, but 964 people were rescued from the sea that later died.

6. The Holocaust:

Nazi Germany administered indiscriminate genocide of various ethnic, religious, national and secular groups where the Jews of Europe were the main targets. The gypsies, metally and physically disabled people, gay men, catholics, Jehova’s witnesses and political dissidents were murdered brutally. Around 12 million people were killed.

8. What is the significance of Normandy in World War II?

The operation of June 6, 1944 is known as the largest invasion force in Human history. It incorporated the land, air and sea forces and the operation was given the code name Overlord. In the beaches of Normady, France, this army delivered five naval assaults. Almost 133,000 troops from England, Canada and The US landed on D-Day.

9. The Kamikaze pilots in World War II:

It was the suicide mission of Japan’s airforce which was a last ditch effort by Japan after losing the war in Pacific. These Kamikaze pilots were ordered to crash their planes with tons of explosives into enemy warships. The experienced pilots trained the young guns to fly to their deaths as they have pledged their allegiance to the emperor of Japan.


9. First atom bomb dropped in Japan:

In August 6, 1945, the first atomic bomb, code named as little boy was dropped in the Japanese city Hiroshima. It carried TNT similar to 20,000 tons and made 70,000 residents die instantly in the engulfing heat and flash.

Why did Hitler commit suicide?

Hitler killed himself from gunshot on 30th April, 1945 soon after Germany surrendered to the allied forces. Before shooting himself on the head, he swallowed a cyanide capsule. He was shattered to see his dreams of a 1,000 year Reich reduce to ashes and hence took this major step.

These are the Things about World War II – There is no given estimate of how many people killed in the war, but the superpowers United Nations, United States and Soviet Union rose as a result of this worldly marital conflict.

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