4 Myths Regarding The Indian High School Exams That Should Be Trashed

We tell you five unreasonable myths about high school exams that should be trashed. Read on!

It’s been a hard week for those who received the result for their very first, major exam in life. For some, it is that time of the year which has probably haunted them since the day they stepped in standard tenth. Relatives, neighbours and family friends, would never leave you alone to wonder what went wrong with a particular subject of yours.

Over the generations, “result kya aaya” has been one of the most captivating and hyped questions in an Indian teenager’s life. For they who scored more than eighty percent, life would have never been better. But for those who couldn’t, well I would totally sympathize with you. Not because your are not eligible to pursue education in one of the best schools in town, but because I know what it feels like to suffer the wrath of ‘well wishers’ when you are in no mood to talk to anyone. We tell you five unreasonable myths about high school exams that should be trashed. Read on!

1. This is the most important exam of your life.

How many times have you heard your parents or elders tell you that no other exam will have the same importance in your life, as that of your matriculation? Well, all I have to say is for every exam is equally important and contributes to your success as much as your boards. Yes, you need to put in a lot of effort, but that’s valid for all the other exams as well. So, not just your boards, but every exam is important in your life.

2. Your performance decides if you’ll ever be successful in life.

Really? How do you justify all those seven pointers out there then who are still leading aimless lives or those who didn’t fare well, yet are earning and faring very well in their lives? If this one exam was to decide your destiny, you’d all be CEOs or Noble Prize winners.

3. Anybody who scores less than ninety percent is an average student.

I have already talked enough about how grading in our examination system has made it difficult for students to pursue their dreams. That mastering in theoritical knowledge means everything, and practical knowledge being not so important, is equivalent to being uneducated in life. So no, scoring below ninety does not mean that you cannot score a century in your life.

4. You need to unsocialize to concentrate more on your studies.

Alright folks, here is the thing. If you are too much into your friends and spending time with them means you don’t even know which chapters are in your syllabus and which are not, maybe you need to cut out a bit. That definitely dose not mean that you live in solace and end up being a loner. But, balancing both the sides, is what you are expected to do. After all, it’ll be fun to celebrate your success with your friends, right?

I am not aiming at proving the parents wrong here. Rather all I want to tell the students is that, this is not the end of everything. Does not matter if you could not score well, or stand upto your parents’ expectations. A life full of opportunities lies in front of you and you will emerge successful, if you know what do you want from life.


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