Awaken The Artist Inside You! Explore These Painting Destinations of South India!

To get inspired to create master pieces. Nature offers the inspiration at its best, when it comes to playing with colors. Let us visit these painters’ heavens of India, through this colorful write-up.

There rests an artist subdued among all of us, well almost!

Thus, often while a rendezvous with nature, one garners a deepest thought of painting the splendid beauty, God has created for us.

Isn’t it? Well my friends, no need to wait for a magic wand to fulfill your wish. Just a paint brush and a canvas is enough! And a desire to wander the planet! And while you roam around, how about painting your vacations?

Intrigued? Don’t be. It is time to learn while having fun. Just get set for one of these exotic Painting Holiday Destinations in remote spaces and see your “Dreams Coming Alive”.

Follow me through this story to know what I am talking about.

Among the plethora of options for Painting Holidays organized by numerous groups across the country; I shall narrate for you the most interesting of all, which spell something like lush green National Parks and the houseboats sailing on backwaters of Kerala. 

Here you are:

Best Seasons to Visit

Just as the Monsoon Season is waving good-bye and the landscapes are all washed and clean, the coming months, i.e. September to November are the perfect time to visit your painting lands and capture the natural magnificence to its best.

Set Off To a Journey of Masterpieces BACKWATERS OF KUMARAKOM

Mark your houseboat and painting journey from Kumarakom. 

Many hotels like Taj and other private groups offer houseboats with single, double or triple bedrooms. Private houseboats are also there with single bedroom, which includes food, snacks and coffee. Budget friendly boat accommodation options are also available that offer typical local cuisine to satiate the tongue and stomach.

Now let us talk about painting the destination. Backwaters at Kumarakom are picturesque and heavenly, especially early in the morning. As the boats are anchored offering stunning scenes, the dormant artist within, is bound to be inspired to translate those sights on canvases. Set an early alarm and gear up with your brush and canvas. It’s the time that you will relish for a lifetime.


Home to a variety of species of butterflies, conserved in its unspoiled glory; the reserve is an abode of elephants besides tigers, monkeys and others. Capture their relaxed mood, at the natural best in their own happy home unlike in captive zoos.  Take a boat ride on the Periyar Lake or a guided trekking into giving insight into lives of the pachyderms. Reproduce the landscape and flora and fauna in your own colors; as there is no one to interfere with your peace of mind here. One can surely attain nirvana with colors, canvas and woods. Especially, if one is bent on painting animals, this place is the seventh heaven.


Another place of lovely shores and waves in Ernakulam District, Kochi is the place for those who want to draw inspiration of their sketches from vintage glory. It is an antique collectors’ Treasure Island. Adorned with murals all over, Durbar Hall (Pareekshit Tamputan Museum) can be a spot, if artistic motif is one’s calling!  Want to fill the canvas with a splash of multi hues? Well, nothing can be better than the flea market alongside this museum; where one can not only shop, but can treat that artist inside too. It is a delight to capture interesting faces and colorful curios on your canvas!

Getting There

Air Options – The Cochin International Airport is the closest to all three destinations. This airport is well connected to major cities in India as well as across the world. You can hire private cabs or taxis from the airport to reach Kumarakom, Periyar National Park and Kochi.

Train Options – The nearest railway station is the Kottayam Railway Station. You can hire private cabs or taxis from the railway station to reach any of the 3 locations. Harbor Terminus on Willington Island, Ernakulum Town and Ernakulum Junction are other three important railheads in the region. There are frequent rail services from the railway stations to various other major cities of the country.

Bus Options – Travelling by bus is the most inexpensive way to reach your painting destination from nearby cities within Kerala. There are numerous Kerala State Run Transport Corporation (KSRTC) buses plying from Kottayam to Kumarakom, Kochi and other cities. Kottayam is well connected to all major cities around Kerala through KSRTC buses. Private air-conditioned buses play a major role in connecting Kottayam to other major cities of South India such as Bangalore, Kochi, Chennai and Mangalore. Road/Self Drive Options – Driving or hiring a cab from nearby cities is the best and is very convenient way to reach the desired cities. You can enjoy abundant greenery and breathtaking views along the way. Waterway Options – Kumarakom is accessible by boat from Muhamma, a town near Alleppey. Both state-run boats and private boats ferry visitors from Muhamma to Kumarakom. The boat ride to Kumarakom is a very scenic and enjoyable journey.


Since this is factually a colorful journey, you might want to check twice if your trip organizers supply you with adequate art tools or not. If they are not supplying the art material, ensure that you pack oil colors, canvases, easel, brushes and all that is needed before you embark on this journey. Once you are off into woods or valleys you might not get to buy what you need for painting. Verify with the organizers what is and what is not included in the package. Pack a handy music system with some serene music that may accompany you while you get absorbed in layering your canvas.

On the whole, Kerala offers a thrilling experience with landscapes, backwaters and a complete lot of cultural blend, along with the Painter’s Never Land.

A perfect combo for an artist’s soul!

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