Did You Know The Utmost White House Was Built By Slaves?

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Free slaves from Africa were not only in European countries but were working in different parts of the world. Along with the free slavery, the white laborers were involved who worked on wages to built The White House. The Government of the USA never had its slaves. But they use to hire contractors for building the iconic buildings of America.

From carpenters to stone cutters, masonry has contributed to the development of the White House. In 1792, the construction started and it took about eight years. The beauty and architectural works of the building were the dedication of the slaves.

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Labors developed the White House

Labors who worked to develop the White House

Many American leaders have been staying in this historical building. Jackson, Taylor, and Madison had slaves which were free and paid both. Craftsmen and laborers were hired who worked as artisans and laborers. The US capitol and government buildings were never have been possible without the involvement of the laborers. Quarrying of stones, cutting, and carrying them to the site was a primary job. It was done by the dedicated hardworking laborers.

It was not the end, as the construction of the building with stones and mason work was also the part of the enslaved people. The masons were hired from Scotland, they were skilled Scottish workers. They were involved in the erection of the White house working for eight years. Skilled works of craftsmanship and the innovativeness of the artisans are still depicted on the walls.

The unskilled laborers were trained on the spot after hiring them. White laborers were paid and the free slave Africans worked for food. Stonemason Collen Williamson, his dedication to the development of the White House is itself a history. Even after more than two hundred years, his work for the White House is popular. He worked as a chief mason for three from 1792; his famous work is the Moy House.

James Hoban, the Architect Of President House

Designing and carpentry was his field of popularity that he contributed to the creation of the white house. At an early age he worked as a carpenter and then he studied under Thomas Ivory. Due to his excellence in studies, he was honored with the Duke of Leinster’s medal. His designs and planning for the roofs, stairs, and brackets were remarkable for which he won the medals. After the burned destruction of the White House in 1814 architect James Hoban did his job. Hoban had designed the Southern Portico and Northern Portico for presidents James Monroe and Andrew Jackson.

Though the thoughts were of an architect the hard work to build the thoughts were of the laborers and workers. It was a hard worker who did not stop working through the eight years of span. Mostly the American laborers were from Virginia and Maryland. The construction of public buildings was inspired by the White House Development. The White House is a symbol of the contribution of slave workers who were trained and paid for their hard work.

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