Why Mango Is The King Of Fruits This Summer Season

This summer season, each one of us has only name on our lips – Mango. Yes, mango which is also known as the ‘˜king of fruits’ across India.

This summer season, each one of us has only name on our lips – Mango. Yes, mango which is also known as the ‘king of fruits’ across India. It is sweet, delicious and its irresistible taste leaves a lasting memory on our minds. Also, it is one of world’s most popular fruit and naturally contains many important ingredients that are beneficial to our health. So what is that so special about the Mango fruit? Why do people in India and around the world crave for this fruit? Want to know why, here’s the reason:

Important Nutrients

So why are Mangoes important? Well that’s because they are a very good source of fiber. A single cup of mango provides 2.5-3.5g of fiber. Fiber is required for weight control, improving the health of your heart, reducing cholesterol, promoting digestive functions of the body and control in appetite.

Mangoes also contain antioxidants which are really necessary for human diet and a healthy and stable life. They also contain a good amount of proteins, carbohydrates, Vitamin E and Vitamin B6. These antioxidants help fight against radicals which damage cells and that increase the possibility of many different types of cancers. Antioxidants also help reduce the aging process by fighting against cancers and heart diseases.

Vitamin A:
Mangoes contain Vitamin A that is also helpful in maintaining healthy skin and bones. It also helps in protecting night vision.

Vitamin C:
Another nutrient that is present in the fruit is Vitamin C. It’s a firm contributor to a healthy immune system in the body. Vitamin C helps fight against many free radicals and bad toxins. Vitamin C is helpful in fastening up the healing process and recovery of wounds. Mangoes are known to contain around 60-70 percent of Vitamin C.

So how is Mango used during the summer time?
Mangoes make a good juice recipe during this soaring season. ‘Amras’ is the best known juice made from the pulp of mangoes. One can also mix with a glass of milk and have the mango juice.

There are two types of Mangoes available: Alphonso and Kesar. The Alphonso mango is available during the months of April to June. The Kesar mango is mostly grown in the Gujarat state and is available from the months of May to July.

Mangoes are easily one of the preeminent fruit available for the summer time. If one has to beat the heat, grab a mango in your hand and don’t look back!

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