Attention 9 To 5 Workers ! Here Are 5 Ways To Protect Your Eyes From Computer!

Ways To Protect Your Eyes

Ways To Protect Your Eyes – Computer screens have destroyed many eyes. So, if you don’t want that to happen with you, then make sure that you follow these ways regularly while using a computer. Nowadays, all of us spend a lot of time sitting in front of computer, right? So, it is quite possible, that because of the bright light you can have an eye injury.

While working daily 9-5 using computer in front of you, there are chances that you’re damaging your eyes more than you think. Thus, so to stay away from the eye-trouble, here’s what you must do.

Make sure that you start following these ways from today itself.

  1. Use minimum brightness

The moment you open a computer, adjust it’s display settings. Firstly, pay attention towards the brightness option. Keep the brightness at minimum light and work. What happens is too much brightness can result into affecting the eye vision. So, make sure to reduce the brightness level.

  1. Keep your computer little far

Mostly, many of us have the habit of using computer on our lap and keeping it close. But, doing so is really damageable to eyes. So, make sure that you keep it little far from at-least an arm’s length away from your computer screen.

  1. Take breaks

Not just a lunch break, but a proper break at-least thrice. You must be able to blink properly. Taking breaks and indulging into different activities stands out to be beneficial to your eyes as well. Just make sure that you keep taking breaks, and also keep closing the computer (it needs break too).

  1. Do eye exercises

You know, there are many exercises that can help you protect your eyes. All you need to do is an eye exercise i.e. after hours of working using a computer, look at a distant object for ten minutes and then look at a near object for ten minutes. This’ll help you understand that there’s no difficulty in looking at objects from far.

  1. Use proper eye wear

There are many people who wear contact lenses, but when you’ve to continuously work using a computer, they usually become dry. So, make sure that you ask your eye doctor about the eye wear and then next time use that recommended glasses.

These were the simple ways to protect your eyes from the computer. Any queries? Comment below.

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