Quit Your Nail Biting Habit By Following These Tips From Today!

Tips To Quit Nail Biting Habit

Tips To Quit Nail Biting Habit – Many people out there have the habit of biting nails. Are you one of ‘em? IF you are, then you should really do something to quit that habit. What is that “something”, you ask? Yeah, here I’ve mentioned the tips that you should FOLLOW in order to quit the habit.

Firstly, nail-biting is not good because it indirectly damages your health. I’m sure that you don’t want that to happen. So, try to control whenever you get that urge to eat your nails.

And to prevent the habit; FOLLOW these below mentioned tips every day.

When I mean “Follow”, I really want you to do it. Look, I know, there are many reasons one bite their nails and one is, to lower stress, second is, to do it just because it’s FUN. No matter what; in the end, we all know the habit is totally gross. You know; sometimes you might be enjoying biting your nail but on the opposite i.e. the ones who are looking at you might find it annoying.

So, try Tips To Quit Nail Biting Habit.

Here we go Tips To Quit Nail Biting Habit


Yes, tell others to remind you that you shouldn’t bite your nails. I mean, tell your parents, close-friends, partner … to stop you whenever they see you biting nails. Look, indirectly it’ll help you as you’re not supposed to bite nails.


I mean, in your house. In your bedroom, kitchen, hall…stick up small notes and write it down “STOP BITING NAILS” and so this how, you’ll know what to avoid. It’ll be easy for you to avoid biting nails.


Yes, you know what; start watching a movie or read books or go out and do something adventurous. It has been observed that when you’re busy, you totally get into it and then biting nails doesn’t crosses mind.


That’s a good one, right? Cut your nails and then you’re FREE. Plus, whenever you try to bite your nails, you’ll surprised that the nails aren’t there. It’ll be a happy thing. For those who don’t want to cut it, need to follow other tips.


Ladies, paint your nails. Why, you ask? Oh because…let this example help you – “You can buy special clear nail polish which is made to taste disgusting so whenever you try and bite your nails you get a horrible taste in your mouth.”

  1. RELAX

Always make sure that you’re relaxed i.e. you’re stress-free and enjoying your time & life. What happens is, when you’re stressed, you start biting nails (many people do that) so try to be happy as much as you can.


The best is, to find out why you always bite your nails. What is the reason? What is leading you towards it? Once you get it; work on it and try to avoid as much as you can. Things will get easy and you’ll prevent the habit too.

Here are some things shared by Reddit users that are worth the read.

  • Wear false nails. My nails split and drive me crazy but wearing those glue one really helped me.
  • I paint my nails. If they look nice, I am less likely to bite them.
  • Where Band-Aids on all your fingertips. Yes it will look weird, but it’s better to just explain why you’re doing it and look weird for a month until you break the habit than to live many more months with chewed up fingers.
  • Putting on lotion every time I wanted to bite my nails helped me. The time it took to rub the lotion in allowed me to focus on NOT biting and helped me realize just how often I was doing it. Bonus: stronger nails, soft hands, fewer hang nails.
  • I had success with keeping a rubber band on my wrist and every time I caught myself biting, I’d snap the band. Actually works with most bad habits, since most of the time it just brings consciousness to the act.

Tips To Quit Nail Biting Habit – Is there anything that you did to quit the habit? Would you like to share it? Let us know in the comment section below.

Tips To Quit Nail Biting Habit –

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