5 Secrets About Fast Foods That Your Chefs Won’t Let You Know

secrets about fast food

Secrets about fast food – Fast food industries have enormously emerged with our changing lifestyles.

There is a ‘bliss point’ in fast food which attracts all of us, that is ‘it’stempting taste’.

In our hectic schedules, we have no time to go grocery shopping, and then cook. We want everythinginstantlyand fast food is one of them. The best part is that it saves your money too.

But you will be surprised to learn the secrets about fast food, here are some ofthem which your chef may never let you know.

Secrets about fast food –

  1. Unhealthy Salad

You are on diet and want to eat outside. In such case Salad sounds very healthy. Isn’t it? Yes it sound so, but do never order a salad if you are on diet. Because it can be as loaded with as many calories as a plate of pasta or burger. For example, McDonald’s UK’s crispy chicken & bacon salad contains 302 calories and 15g fat – that’s more than a cheeseburger (301 calories, 12g fat).

So next time be wise before ordering a salad.

  1. Burgers: Instant and sometime Non-vegetarian

Also most of us are not aware that the burger which we love to eat is actually made instantly, which is really not good for our health. And also, sometime it contains meat in it.

  1. Bogus Grilled Meat

The secret here is your grilled meat is really not grilled, though it seems to be grilled but it is not in real. Yes, your flame-grilled burger is generally cooked on a clam grill or hot plates. Your dear chefs do often add an artificial aroma of smoke to make it look a delicious grilled meat.

  1. Crispy Potato Fries

Is your crispy potato fries are only made of potato for real? No, they aren’t. It is being reported that the fries which your vendors claims to be made of potato, also contains anti-foaming chemical to stop oil from drench and use other chemicals to give them a uniformed color.

  1. You never get, what you see

Those persuading images of cheesy burger, chilly glasses of cola, crispy fries  attracts all of us but always remember it is only for advertising purpose. This is just a trick to trade, you will never get the same what you see. 

  1. Don’t Eat Fast food on a long go

You should not eat fast food on a long go. There are many chemicals and preservatives used in your fast food which can harm your health if you keep it for a long time.

These are the secrets about fast food – There is no doubt about it, that it makes our lives easier but from today, let’s always think twice about your health before craving for it.

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