Feeling Tired: Know Your Symptoms

Reasons for feeling tired – Stayed up late at night watching on a favourite TV serial or a movie? And then you woke up early to avoid the boss’ tantrums on late coming.

Stayed up late at night watching on a favourite TV serial or a movie? And then you woke up early to avoid the boss’ tantrums on latecoming. But at times, you either find yourself dozing at the desk or sipping on a ‘strong’ coffee just to get yourself going. Thus, the end result is – your body requires rest.

This is because, you feel tired or drained at end of the day. Extra hours in office may not suit you or just avoid food at night time – these all factors support the ‘feeling tired’ syndrome.

So what makes you feel so lazy and tired? Here are symptoms of feeling tired at the end of day’s work or being at home:

Too much exercise
May be doing a good thing, at times, is too good for you. Sweating like a pig or doing heavy-duty workouts at the gym added with some hard work on the cardio can hand out as a sign that you are pushing your body too much. Workouts and especially long-distance running and cycling can impale in cortisol. Thus, if there’s no right balance between activity and rest, then you are rightfully welcoming stress just as you can with emotional or mental pressure.



No work outs
Just as too much of work hours and deadlines get the better of you, chronic stress drains your fuel tank even though you are free. Practically, a stressful day at work breaks up your cortisol and blood glucose levels, causing a knee jerk reaction to fight or escape. But when you spend the time barely moving between your computer screen and your couch, there’s no energy released. This can lead to less sleep at night or burn out your body’s cortisol so much that you will be left dragging to work.



Too much of stress
Normally cortisol, a stress level hormone, run highest in the morning and dips down at night, maintaining a normal daily balance. But chronic stress throws pushes this balance a bit too far. Thus, if your body remains on invariable alert, your cortisol levels may never fall off at night, causing a disruption in your sleep.


Less consumption of water
Often at times, it is noticed that many individuals negate water consumption and it often lands them in misbalancing of body structures. One such factor of feeling drowsy and tired is also of dehydration. Consuming water at regular intervals leads a to perfect body balance and avoid stress levels.


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