How To Stay Healthy During The Monsoons

As we come to an end of the summer period, which will see the scorching heat of summer taken over by the refreshing monsoons.

As we come to an end of the summer period, which will see the scorching heat of summer taken over by the refreshing monsoons. But even if we celebrate and smile about the first drop of rain, let’s not forget it also brings along a host of diseases. Diseases such as food poisoning, cholera, cold, cough, flu, poor digestion, jaundice, typhoid are common during this rainy season as doctor’s visit gets more often.

Particularly the kids and the elderly are more prone to infections like these as they always consume unhealthy foodstuffs. Therefore, it is very very important to take good care of your health as well as diet during monsoons. In order how to look after yourself, we give you tips that would help you keep healthy and strong through these rains:

Keep yourself hydrated
Drinking water and loads of it especially during the monsoon period is a must. You might be wondering why? Well here is the answer as in monsoons, sweat does not disappear as the humidity levels are high and this prevents the body from releasing heat. Therefore, keeping a bottle of water makes sense. Avoid aerated drinks and instead drink warm beverages such as ginger tea. Must do: drink boiled and cooled water.

Have a balanced diet
Carry a balanced diet during the monsoons as digestion is slow in this season. Eat moderately and only when hungry. Avoid outside food and most importantly, do not eat oily foods. Include veggies such as bitter gourd, neem and haldi (turmeric) which are rich in antioxidants. Also include fruits like cherries, bananas, apples, pomegranates, plums, litchis, pears and vegetables like carrots, radish and fenugreek a part of your regular diet.

Eat fresh food
So whenever your maid gets vegetables from the market, during the monsoons, make sure that you wash all of them before consuming. Steam the leafy vegetables and your cauliflower in order to kill the germs. Contaminated food might lead to illnesses such as jaundice.

Do NOT hog on outside junk food!
Eating out, especially street food should be avoided especially during the rains. Snacks like chaat, sandwiches, fried items, golas, juices and kulfis are very tempting but can hazardous to your health. These foods are unprotected and thus carry a lot of germs and bacteria, leading to the likes of jaundice and diarrhoea.

Keep yourself tidy and clean
When we travel outside especially in the buses and trains, we are bound to come in contact with many germs and bacteria. They are carriers of diseases like conjunctivitis, styes and dry eyes. In order to avoid them, one must always keep himself/herself clean. Carry a hand sanitizer if you are travelling outside. Do not share your eye medicines, contact lens solutions/containers, towels and handkerchiefs with others.

Come these monsoons, you may enjoy those droplets of rain with a cup of tea and some pakoras but make sure; your surroundings are clean and organized.

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