Bargain Your Heart Out At These Best Bazaars Of India

Bazaars of India

Bazaars of India – Even with increasing mall culture, true Indians at heart pick the noisy, dingy and crowded bazaars over every other shopping place.

From garments and accessories to perfumes and jewelry, the age-old bazaars are a truly exciting and fun to explore.

Let’s dig deep and find out some of the best Bazaars of India that are rated right on top of even the foreigners’ list.

Bazaars of India –

Johri Bazaar, Jaipur

Aptly popular as the ladies’ market, this bazaar is one of the most popular markets in Jaipur.

Thousands of tourists visit this crowded area every year that has shops selling precious gems, traditional and modern jewelry at wholesale prices, sarees and various other everyday items. Bargaining skills will come to full use here as you will be able to strike a deal every single time. The best part about this market is that it is light on the pocket. Just under 1000 bucks, you can buy Jaipurijootis, a nice jhola, pretty bangles, some hair accessory and a bandhej saree or two colorful dupattas.

Yes you heard it right!

Bazaars of India

Chor Bazaar, Mumbai

Literally meaning ‘thief market’ this place will lure you into buying something or the other.

You just cannot return empty-handed from this bazaar. Retro pieces, cheap souvenirs, antique cameras and memorabilia – there is something for everyone here. A bustling menace, especially during weekends, the bazaar is known for making a fool out of customers if they are not on guard.

One tip we can give you is whatever price the shopkeeper quotes, just half it to start with, and if you are lucky, you might end up buying something worth 5000 bucks for just 500!

Bazaars of India

Perfume Market, Kannauj

A small town in Uttar Pradesh, Kannauj is home to a bazaar that sells unique perfumes.

More than 600 old perfume houses are lined up here and they create some absolutely quirky perfumes using age-old traditional methods. Your nose will get a high dose of scents ranging from sandalwood to the peculiar ‘mitti’. One of the most popular buys here, the mitti perfume is mad using ancient methods. The famous ittar can be found in hundreds of in this bazaar!

Sample scents created according to each season or just wander with wonder on this scented road.

Bazaars of India

Anjuna Flea Market, Goa

Known all over the world as one of the hippiest, happiest and happening market, Anjuna flea market is one-stop-shop for all your needs for those hippy clothes and accessories!

Buy sexy shorts or cute frocks, dancing dolls or straw hats, don’t forget to bargain. The shopkeepers now know their way around bargaining but then, what’s the fun of it if you don’t have to fight hard right? Full of Brits, Russians and backpackers, the market is the right mix of sun and sand in its true sense!

Bazaars of India

Chandni Chawk, Delhi

How can we not talk about Chandni Chawk here right?

Decorative items, sarees, random souvenirs, jewelry, bead embellishments and finger-licking street food –there is not much that doesn’t sell in this bazaar. A value for its money, Chandni Chawk will amaze you, scare you, and overwhelm you, all at the same time! It is soaked in history with old ruins, crowded streets and the elderly.

Some shops are more than 150 years old. Visit this bazaar for some surprising moments and cheap shopping!

Bazaars of India

Bazaars of India – The Indian markets are all about eventful streets, loads of bargaining and feeling at home. I think it’s time to visit one soon! So go and pack now!

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