These 5 Yogasanas Will Help Cure Your Hairfall

Hairfall comes in many ways ‘“ stress, hormonal disorders, unhealthy eating lifestyles, usage of drugs, chemical solutions for hair, smoking, etc.

Hairfall comes in many ways – stress, hormonal disorders, unhealthy eating lifestyles, usage of drugs, chemical solutions for hair, smoking, etc.

It is thus believed that the condition of your hair is directly related with your health.

In fact, many top Ayurvedic practitioners state that beautiful hair is the sign of a fit individual.

And so it may be with hair growth complimenting your healthy body structure. But there are times hair fall can be damaging to health.

Thus at these times, one takes the pain of visiting a Trichologist or some painstaking medicines that are high on the pockets. But here comes a cheaper and easier way to save your hair from falling away! Voila – introducing the practise of yoga and meditation that can help to restrict hair-loss and will not only give you healthy hair, but also assist your entire system – physically and mentally. On a whole, the real meaning yoga, here, helps increase the circulation of blood in the hair scalp, improve digestion and reduce anxiety and stress.

So what are these yogasanas that we are talking about?

These yogasanas enhance blood circulation in the head and in turn nourishes the roots of your hair which results the reduction of hair fall. Here are the few asanas you could try at home:

Adho-Mukha Savasana
This yogasan provides a great deal of good circulation to the head and is known to help reduce problems that are related with sinuses and the symptoms of common cold as well. Also known as the downward dog pose, this yogasana is a great way to relieve mental fatigue, depression and also insomnia.



Also termed as ‘the standing forward pose’, Utthanasana is a great beneficiary in reducing problems like fatigue and stress levels. Especially for women, Utthanasana is a great pose to help relieve the symptoms of menopause and also improves digestion.



This form of yogasana can be done immediately after eating your food, unlike other yoga asanas. Also known as the diamond pose, the usage of Vajrasana is known not only to help with digestion but also aids the urinary disorders. Moreover, this form of asana is also vital in reducing weight and gas in the stomach.



This form of asana refers to the prana or energy of your digestive area that supports in purifying and killing off the unwanted toxins inside the body. If practised, this will give you clarity to the mind and relieve the unhealthy constipation.


Also known as the wind-relieving asana, Pavanmukhtasana helps in reducing the unwarranted gas and fastens the digestion. While doing this asana, the muscles of the lower back are strengthened and it reduces bulky mass around the abdomen and buttocks.



For a smooth and silky hair, one has to remain healthy and eat well. With the practise of the above yogasanas, one can not only demand great health but also damage free hair.

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