5 Foods That Set You Up For A Destructive Appetite

Foods that make you hungry – If they can fill up the tummy, there are some foods that can get it to reverse as well ‘“ hungry!

If they can fill up the tummy, there are some foods that can get it to reverse as well – hungry!

Trying to grab a bagel sandwich as you step out of the house for a quick walk down the road, the stomach starts churning again and voila, you are hungry!

As it turns out, there are some foods that are not created equal when it comes to making the tummy full.

If the food can provide with more of fiber, protein and water, the more filling it will be but if vice versa, the hungrier you will feel after eating it.

Without giving much away, here is a list of the 5 foods that make you hungry instead of keeping you active:

Diet Soda
Betcha, a can of diet soda could land you on empty tummy since its delivers zero calories. That’s because the artificial sweeteners found in these low-calorie drinks are known to boost appetite and boost sugar cravings over time.


French Fries
A visit to the McDonald’s and having a packet of French fries just doesn’t fill up the tummy at times, does it? This is because the fries contain starchy simple carbs, fried and salted. With all the salt and carbs, fries will always leave you wanting for more.


Pastries and Baked Goods
When it’s time for pastries and apple pies, they are simply filled with carbohydrates such as white flour and white sugar that contain zero fiber and minimal nutrients. If one may know, simple carbhs are burned as soon as they are consumed resulting in a large insulin thurst followed by a sugar meltdown. Thus results in wanting more and more of pastries and the baked goods that might just add to the calorie punch.



Chinese food
A visit to a local Chinese restaurant and hogging onto your favourite delicacy might just make the day for you but after a couple of hours, the tummy starts rumbling. Chinese food is high in MSG, which is a flavour enhancer added to processed foods to make them more edible.



Processed Cereals
Just like the pastries and baked foods, cereals can also be the carb breakfast that can provide the supplements for a few hours. Instead of enjoying a processed cereal for breakfast, a better option would be a whole grain cereal that is rich in fiber, nuts and seeds like muesli. Not to forget, be sure to add fruits to your meal to make it more nourishing.


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