5 Reasons Why Your Eyes Keep Twitching And 5 Easy Ways To Prevent It!

Eye Twitching

An eye twitching is very common and it is equally annoying.

Sometimes eye twitches last for 2-3 minutes but some last for weeks. And to the people who’ve experienced it; I don’t have to explain the frustration. Right? Well, it is mainly said that twitching takes place only on the lower eyelid of an eye.

But in reality the upper eyelid can twitch as well.

It surely makes all of us feel uncomfortable and thus at first place I found out why it keeps happening to all of us.

And the reasons include: –

  1. Stress

Eye twitching can happen if you take too much stress.

I understand, life is never simple but taking stress is not a good idea and thus one needs to get involved into meditation to avoid stress.

  1. Eye-Irritation

If your eye is itching or if has suffered some sort of eye irritation then eye-twitch is more likely to occur.

Eye-allergies can also be the main cause of twitching because when people have allergies they are more likely to rub their eyes off.

  1. Too much caffeine

Eye twitching is also caused by caffeine.

It is no secret that high intake of caffeine is not good for your health. Many people regularly drink caffeine 2-3 times a day which is actually not good at all.

If it is continuously taking place for weeks then seriously cut down drinking caffeine and experience the change.

  1. Not getting enough sleep

Sleep is needed no matter what.

Eyelids are very sensitive and eyes need to shut as well but if that’s not happening then muscles starts twitching.

  1. Smoking and drinking

Well, smoking and drinking play a very important role to cause eye-twitching.

If you can’t quit doing both; take a break at-least to stop your twitching.

Easy Ways To Prevent It

  1. Cry

Crying is absolutely good if you want to stop your twitching eye.

If you feel that twitching is not stopping at all then try to form tears as much as you can because tears will help twitching calm down.

  1. Hot & Cold water therapy

Rub an ice cube onto your eyes smoothly for al-least 10 minutes so that it constricts blood vessels and later wash your wash with warm water.

The warm water will make the muscle function properly. And doing so will help bring back the eye in a perfect balance and the twitching will stop.

  1. Cucumber

Cucumber includes anti-inflammatory properties in it.

Keep a slice of cucumber onto your twitching eyes and let it sooth the eye muscles completely.

  1. Eye massage

Massaging eyes will help strengthen the eye muscles and the circulation of blood will increase too.

Massage it at-least 5 times a day.

  1. Rose water

Use rose water as eye-drops.

It will clean all the dirt and will soothe the eye muscles as well.

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