Makeup malfunctions to avoid

Follow our tips and save yourself from that embarrassing Sridevi moment…


Sridevi, the glam and style diva, was recently caught with too much powder on her face and it made headlines for all the wrong reasons. We tell you some key makeup malfunctions which you must avoid at all times to save yourself from embarrassing moments, especially, these days when the festive and party fever is high.

Moist foreheads and oily T-zones: We have seen it happening so many times, whether on television, looking at our celebs talking to the camera on the red carpet, or at parties when our friends and aunties get all sweaty. It may have happened to you, and people must be backbiting about it, but how would you ever come to know. So, the best possible way to stay clear of such embarrassment is to be proper with what you apply on your face and when. Your first defence could be to use a blotting film to soak up excess oil. Then use a tissue to remove perspiration before gently brushing on some powder using a soft brush. On humid and hot days, spray some dry shampoo on the roots of your hair after shampooing to absorb sweat.

Patchy tan: We all love that alluring bronze on our face and body, without actually soaking in the sun and so, a self-tanner or body makeup always comes in handy. But, we really need to be careful with it and avoid applying it callously. Don’t be in a hurry and put too much quantity, and always avoid using it on over-moisturised skin to keep that unevenness and streakiness at bay. Read the instructions carefully and apply in correct measures and give your skin enough time to allow it to settle evenly. Keep your skin dry and remove excess lotion if necessary.

Powdered face: Applying face powder is a part of makeup regime but you really don’t have to go overboard with it. Recently, we caught Sridevi with too much powder on her face, and even fahionistas like Nicole Kidman and many others, have all gone through this embarrassment. It becomes the most visible when you get clicked, so no matter how sticky the weather is, you can’t afford yourself with so much odd stuff happening on your face. Always remember, when applying the powder, you need to blend it well with the skin and cover the entire face area for it to look seamless. And keep a check on how much you are putting.

Lipstick on teeth: Alright… We do understand that it ends up invariably that your hand skips a beat and the lip gloss or colour spills on your teeth. But, ask your friends, how ugly it looks when you open your mouth and there’s lipstick on your teeth. Save yourself from such disgrace and follow this trick. Before you start applying the lipstick, dab your front two teeth with just a bit of petroleum jelly and the colour won’t stick on that. Also, avoid applying too much and taking the stick towards the inner side of your lips. Just put it on the visible area and smack your lower and upper lips together to blend it well.


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