Vegemite a Tasteless Unique Food of Australia

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Australia is popular for nature’s beauty covering seas, islands, and mountains. Apart from nature and people, it is the food of the country that has its own tracks of taste and uniqueness. Sweet, spicy, or sour are all that we know but it has another unique food of Australia is known as “Vegemite”. Australians love to have it as toppings of bread, in tea or coffee, and maybe with anything.

People find it as their favorite part added to the food of Australia. But believe it or not, it is in-edible food and no one can enjoy this tasteless except the Aussies!

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History  of the Vegemite

Spread for the food was discovered by a young chemist, Dr. Cyril P Callister during the 1920s to 1930 undersigned by the Fred Walker Company. Continuously after few years of experiments, he came up with the vitamin B rich spread Vegemite. The intention of the bring up to the market was to provide some healthy food that should be handy and at one’s fingertips.

In the beginning, after production, the response was disheartening and harder than expected to achieve the market. Almost after more than 14 years, the Vegemite was accepted for the food of Australia. In 1939, it got recognization from the British Medical Association and slowly it further grew popular throughout the country.

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Why does it taste so odd and in-edible?

To understand the odd taste of the specific food of Australia, it becomes about the blend. It is a mixture of salty, malty, and bitterness that makes the odd in taste, which is high glutamates. Vitamin B rich in Vegemite is a never-ending craving for Aussies, they add in the vegetables, non-vegetable meat, or chicken. The preparation that is favorite for the food of Australia is made from the leftover brewers and yeast extracts.

They use it similar to butter, but it is actually a by-product of beer manufacturing. No one likes to eat it except the Aussies, so each home is incomplete without their Vegemite.

Which is better for Aussies between Vegemite and Marmite?

Comparing Vegemite and Marmite, the taste of marmite is milder than the former. This is the reason that people except the Aussies prefer marmite. Though it is milder in taste the Australians are madly in favor and accustomed to the flavor of the odd malty Vegemite spread. Marmite is the strongest competitor that is added to the hot drinks, it may be milk or with cheesy bread.

Whereas the Americans prefer the milder taste of marmites, but the preparation of the spread is similar to the Vegemite. But it is not an intense desire for the Americans, as few like it as nutritious while few hate it for the taste.

But every Aussies have it in their cupboard, from the young to the old age people have it regularly. They love the taste of the spread with any food of Australia, that one in the world can tolerate the taste of Vegemite.

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