5 Reasons Why A Girl Always Ignore Your Phone Calls!

Reasons Why A Girl Ignore Calls

“Reasons Why A Girl Ignore Calls”

Alright! I know it’s kinda irritating when a girl ignores your phone calls.

I mean seriously, you call her but then she never picks up your call. But right within two minutes she’ll text you up and it says “hey, you were calling me”? “Is there anything serious”? “I was busy doing something” and blah blah excuses.

She might even text you and say “Oh, I just hate talking on the phone” but frankly that’s not the problem at all. Well, can you guess the problem? Yes, it’s YOU.

You might take an excuse one time; two times but if she’s acting up this way all the time then boy – “YOU BETTER STOP CALLING HER”.  

You know why I said that? Because here’s what she think when you keep calling her.

  1. She doesn’t feel it is IMPORTANT to pick your call

Yes, this one is 100% true.

She feels there is no real reason to talk on the phone and also there are better things to do as compared to talking.

  1. She knows the conversation will be going on and on…

Sometimes a girl doesn’t feel comfortable to cut the call and forcefully all she does is keep talking. But from the inside, she is screaming out loud and I think some of ‘em even abuses.

If a girl knows that you’ll keep talking and talking then she’ll never pick up your call.

  1. You are BORING and she knows it

Seriously, why will she pick up your call if you’re too boring? Once she sees your name on the mobile phone; she knows that the talk will be boring with some idiotic topics and so it’s better to ignore.

  1. She is clearly not interested in you and your words

When I say this, I mean she hardly even text you back too. And all the girls who hardly reply, do you think she’ll REALLY talk on the phone? NOT AT ALL.

This is a clear sign that says- She is not interested in you no matter how hard you try.

  1. Last time you asked her out & this time you’re on the same track

Once you called her and she picked up your call but then in the midst of talking you started planning a meet and she said we’ll talk about it next time.

So the NEXT TIME, you called her again and now she’s not picking up the call. You know what that means? She doesn’t want to hang out with you. Simple, isn’t it?

I hope you understood all the genuine reasons why a girl ignore calls.

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