6 Ways To Get Rid Of Ankle Pain Quickly!

Ways To Prevent Ankle Pain

Ways To Prevent Ankle Pain – Ankle pain is the worst.

Yes, they are mainly a result of fracture or sprain, but other than that you may also have to deal with it because of arthritis or gout.

When the ankles are damaged, the pain never easily goes away. In this scenario, there’s something that needs to be done quickly. Thus, so to easily prevent the ankle pain, you need to either try out some exercises or apply remedies.

Whatever that you choose; here I’ve listed mainly 6 ways to prevent ankle pain.

  1. Ankle Circles

It’s a very simple act to do. So, all you must do is, sit down on the ground with your both legs bent straight right in front of you. Then, cross one leg over the other, now try to do circles with the leg that has been raised. Continue doing it slowly, slowly, then perform turns i.e. at first start with left side, and then right side.

You will be able to feel good.

  1. Calf Raise

Calf muscle is connected to your ankle and heel bone, so it should be give attention too. All you need to do is, stand tall with your hands on the back of your chair. Keep your back straight and keep your feet on the floor. Now slowly rise up on to your toes. Stretch it up; you must feel it in the ankle and calf. Hold it for about 30 seconds, and then repeat the same.

  1. Single Leg Balance

A single leg balance exercise is very important and it can easily prevent all the pain. All you need to do is, stand on the one foot, try to bend your knee slightly, and hold onto that position for 20 seconds minimum. Yes, you might shake, but that’s the challenge, so try to control all your shaking.

  1. Hot-cold Therapy

Hold & cold therapy is a best way to prevent the pain. So, apply the cold pack and try to relax a bit. You can also try it with hot pack. Apply any of it for about 20 minutes maximum and then see the difference.

  1. Turmeric

Turmeric is a best remedy and it works like a magic too. So, apply turmeric to prevent pain. Prepare hot water, then add turmeric in it, and include lemon juice as well. Now make a thick paste. Later apply it onto your ankle part and let it dry and work for about 2 hours maximum.

Don’t worry; all the pain will be gone.

  1. Epsom Salt

Put some Epsom salt into your bath water, and stir it well. Later, when the salt is dissolved, soak your ankle into the water, and leave it for about 30 minutes. Do it twice, the pain will be gone.

These were the ways to prevent ankle pain. Any queries? Comment below.  

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