You know you are a Foodaholic when…

What is life without food? – If this question has ever crossed your mind then you are slowly turning out to be Foodaholic. Here are six things that will prove that you are foodie for life…

What is life without food? – is a rhetorical question that every Foodaholic will throw at you. Food is probably the only thing that helps people to connect at ease. Being a foodie is a really a big deal. It needs lot of love with pinch of focus to be a food lover.

Actually to think of it there is a much more that drives one to fall in love with food. There are various preconceived notions that people of the world have about the one who eats a lot more. But if you are a Foodaholic then surely these notions will never bother you.

Let me get honest and help you to understand if you are a the one who is madly in love with food or not..

Diet-What’s that?

If you are a Foodaholic then diet is something you will never want to follow. Diet conversations turn you off. A gym membership never attracts you. In fact you end up convincing everyone how happy you get with every morsel of food and get out the awkward “lose weight” talks quickly.   


The word “bhookad” doesn’t offend you

There are always these set of men and women in shape around you who make fun about your love for food. There are various tags given to every food lover. The word “bhookad” is one of those. Does that offend you in anyway? If it doesn’t then you are surely a Foodaholic for life.


Sugar & Spice- It is all about balancing right

If you are choosy about the things that go on your plate then you are really not a Foodaholic. You can probably eat anything and everything at any point of time if you are a Foodaholic. You also know the art of balancing your food right. You cannot be an extremist when you are in love with food.


“Food for thought” is always taken literally

If you are a philosopher then the very meaning of “Food for thought” will be profound but if you a Foodaholic then it will have altogether a different meaning. A Foodaholic can always twist this deep meaning phrase as per his or her taste. It could mean anything that is delicious looking or something that just tasted perfect and blew your mind.


We only enjoy Foodporn

For a Foodaholic food is the best turn on. No food goes into a Foodaholic’s tummy without being clicked. If you get a chance to glance through a Foodaholic’s phone, camera or even laptop all you will find is perfectly laid food items. The excitement that food brings on a Foodaholic’s face is priceless.   


New Year resolutions never have anything related food

It is that time of the year when self promises are made. No Foodaholic will have resolutions on his or her list that is related to food.  No Foodaholic will ever hit the gym or go on a no-sugar diet or even just indulge on home cooked food.



Why think so much? Happy hogging and have a happier year ahead!  


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