This Is What Happens When You Quit Eating SUGAR


Sugar as we all know is known as white poison and it has got this notorious name for its intake is indeed injurious to health.

What is worse that sugar is there in most of food items that we consume. From fruits, chips, bread, rice etc. but in different forms.

And what is more disturbing is that that intake of sugar amongst Indians has increased more than earlier. And we should know that it’s addictive and its intake will only harm not save us.

If you are still not ready to leave sugar then read on some effects that will happen to you if you ever quit eating sugar.

  1. Helps To Get Rid Of Extra Pounds

Sugary foods give us oodles of calories. So quitting them will bring down your overall weight. So simply ditch sugar to get rid of your love handles.

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  1. You Will Have Better Sleep

Blood sugar is one of the causes of insomnia. So make sure you don’t consume sugary or refined food items just before you hit the bed.

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  1. You Will See Improvement in your energy levels

There are many sugar laced energy drinks available indeed they boost energy but only for short period of time. But studies revealed that too much sugar in body lowers energy and makes us less energetic to perform day to day activities.

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  1. Your Heart as well as over health will be healthier

As per researches, low intake of sugar also plummet heart disorders as well as it will improve your health by cutting down ailments especially dental problems. Within a week’s time you will see difference in BP as well as in cholesterol level.


  1. It slower aging process

In our body due to sugar a process called glycation starts. This leads to inflammation and reduces vital proteins that help skin to stay youthful. So now you know why your skin is not supple but dry.

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  1. Your digestion will also improve

Less sugar intake will lead to easy digestion and no more problems like constipation or stomach issues.

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  1. It will help you to remember your friends’ friend’s birthday.

Can’t remember stuffs? It may be because you are feeding wrong food to your brain. Overall increase in sugar consumptions damages the communication between brain cells.  Improve your brain’s performance by saying no to sugar.

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We hope after learning these things you may want cut down your sugar intake if not quit it totally.

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