10 Work Place Rules Which Are Unspoken And No One Ever Tells You

unsaid workplace etiquettes

Unsaid workplace etiquettes – The workplace is a formal environment that you need to maintain.

So how do you do it? Well, there is no workplace rules 101 guidebook that you can read up and follow. However, some very basic rules are understood and taken for granted at any office space.

Worry not. Here’s a comprehensive list of the 10 of the unsaid workplace etiquettes that you should be following.

Unsaid workplace etiquettes

1 – Be punctual

This cannot be stressed enough. The best way to create an impression is to be on time at your workplace. If possible, try to reach your office early. In case of an emergency, call and inform authorities without fail!

2 – Maintain deadlines

Don’t procrastinate. Your work needs to be done in a stipulated time frame and you should deliver accordingly. Meeting your deadlines promptly not only helps you stay organized but also makes you your boss’ favorite.

3 – Demarcate personal and professional

Draw the line between your personal and professional life. Do not allow your personal life to interfere in your work space.

4 – Appropriate dressing

Any workplace demands a formal dressing style, especially if you are working at an office where you deal with clients directly. The way you dress reflects your professionalism.

5 – Maintain formality

Just like your attire, your behavior needs to be formal as well. Maintain a formal attitude and speak with formal restraint. It goes to show how serious you are regarding your work.

6 – Greet and get noticed

Start greeting your colleagues and seniors. A friendly ‘Good Morning’ or a simple ‘Have a Nice Weekend’ will go a long way.

7 – Respect 101

Your seniors at work are far more experienced than you. Your colleagues are the ones who help you complete your work by collaborating with you. Respect them. Remember- respect given is respect earned.

8 – Be prompt in responding to emails

Check your inbox regularly. This will not only help you keep track of your work and deadlines but quick replies will also showcase your professionalism and dedication towards work.

9 – Confidentiality

Whatever happens at the office stays in the office. This is the thumb rule.

10 – Say no to personal work

Keep your gadgets on the silent mode and refrain from using your work time to browse your social media accounts.

These are unsaid workplace etiquettes – Take note of what you are doing wrong, make amends and find yourself being offered a better appraisal!

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