Most Disgusting Things That Happen To Your Body When You Over Eat

Things that happen when you over eat

Things that happen when you over eat – You might have cheated upon for diet, just for the love of your favorite food! Isn’t it.

Funny that our mouth starts watering right at the moment we think of – ham burger, pizza with extra cheesy toppings, paneer butter masala, tandoori and of course the biryani! You must have also felt bad for not having a larger mouth and stomach that could happily fit in all your favorite food at once

It is quite common that most us of start to over eat when we find our favorite lying right in front of us. We eat so much that we tend to forget about the ‘long term & short-term effects of over-eating on our body’.

Here, are some disgusting Things that happen when you over eat.

Things that happen when you over eat

o   Sleepy

Eating a lot of food might simply get you so sleepy, that you sometime fall asleep without your notice only. And what worst can this lead to – obesity. Yes, when the body gets into rest mode right away after some heavy food – calories lie inside the body and results in the accumulation of fat.

o   Acidity

For the digestion of food, the stomach produce gases and when large quantity of food is consumed large amount of acids are produced by the stomach. There are chances of getting struck with acidity as the spices got irritants that affects the esophagus and struck you down with acidity.

o   Stomach swells temporarily that makes you uncomfortable

The stomach swells temporarily when you have ended up over-eaten all the food. Though this condition may not be long lasting, but will let you down feel uncomfortable and having regretting for having over-eaten.

o   Hungry struck again

Having over-eaten doesn’t stop you from feeling hungry again. You will feel super hungry just in some time. And this condition is said to cause due to the insulin – as it plays a prominent role in regulation of food intake.

o   Bloated out

This happens only when there is consuming of large quantity of food and the system finds it difficult to digest.

So, these are the most disgusting things that Happen when you over eat. Stop stuffing yourself with excess of food that required. Exercise well and stay healthy.

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