All You Lazy People, Here’s A Perfect Job For You!

lazy employee

Want to earn money?

Want to work just a few hours and have lots of vacations?

Yeah, now I guess I have the attention of all you lazy guys who are getting tormented by the sheer thought of working 14-15 hours like their friends and family normally does!

Don’t torture yourselves; we have a solution for you!

The only profession which offers you decent money, half a day of job and lots of vacations every year is also the noblest one.

Become a teacher!

See, you can also earn morality points by shaping the future of a generation along with earning money and teaching profession offers you lots of free time so it’s a win-win situation.

First of all, don’t assume that a teacher’s job is easy and of no consequence!!

It is one of the most responsible jobs and if not taken seriously, can seriously hamper the future of the entire nation. Teachers, after parents, are the ones who mould the impressionable minds of tiny toddlers and young kids into something, which makes them civilised and prepare them for a productive life ahead.

However, the job mostly requires 6-7hours a day of your time. Normally the working day starts from 7:30-8am and is over 1:30-2 pm. At the most, one can reach home by 3pm and then just chill! Or maybe do other chores and spend time with family.

Besides this, there are multiple long vacations to be enjoyed every year. In summers, it’s almost one and a half month of vacations and then in winters there is again almost two weeks of vacation. In some schools and education boards, period around Dushhera and Diwali also gets you about a week of vacations. These are the mandatory ones and then there are various other kinds of holidays all through the year to keep you relaxed and always rejuvenated so you can give your best!

Is it sounding exciting? Jumping out of that couch right away to join a school? Hold your horses, just wait!

It is not easy to be a teacher though! You got to know what you’re good at. You need to fulfil basic requirements to be a teacher like having a B.Ed degree. Most of all, you should have an aptitude to be around children and love them to bits without getting affected by their indiscipline or non-stop chatter!

If you just want to earn money, don’t join the profession. Only if you feel that you can contribute significantly to our education system, start preparing for a job.

After all, a profession that offers you to laze around deserve commitment and responsible behaviour in return of the few hours it seeks from you for working!

Respect Teachers!

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