Unbelievable! Sleeping With This One Thing Will Beat All Your Stress!

Sleeping With Weighted Blanket

Sleeping With Weighted Blanket

Sleeping with Whaaat? Oh yeah, I’m talking about the weighted blanket.

Yes, you read it right.

It is believed that sleeping with a weighted blanket actually releases all the stress, sadness, irritability and anxiety and it gives a goodnight’s sleep. Now, isn’t that great? I mean, isn’t that something that each one of us need in life? A goodnight’s sleep, right? I know that many of you must be with an attitude like “how can a simple blanket affect so positively?” You know what; just hold on and read this.

So, how does a weighted blanket work? When you sleep with a weighted blanket, you feel warm. Yeah, you can say that it gives a warm hug. The pressure of that particular blanket automatically helps in relaxing the uneasiness i.e. nervous system. A weighted blanket gives you more comfort as compared to the light blanket. In weighted blanket, you feel comfortable and most importantly safe.

Here’s how the DPTS works – Deep Pressure Touch Stimulation.

DP i.e. Deep Pressure – The deep pressure of the weighted blanket provides all the relaxation and calmness in the body. Now, when you’re lying on your bed with a weighted blanket on you, the pressure tends to relax the body and it calms the mind. When your body is relaxed and the mind is calmed, you automatically get a good sleep. In short, this pressure tends to improve your mental health.

TS i.e. Touch Stimulation – When you’re entirely covered with a weighted blanket, you feel comfortable and the softness makes you lie on one position without moving. In this way, you feel at ease. The soft touch makes you forget everything and it gives a complete protection. Plus, it also weakens all the unnecessary thoughts in your mind and it relaxes all the muscle tension. The right blanket type also reduces the body pain. Thus, throughout the night, the weighted blanket and its DPTS therapy helps you maintain a goodnight’s sleep without any disturbance.

This therapy is mostly used for children’s who face the problem of anxiety and stress. Those who have trouble sleeping can carry on with this exercise. The best thing is that this therapy works like a magic. Also, people facing the difficulty of depression can stay dependable on this technique too.

Note that you don’t use a weighted blanket if you’ve recently undergone any surgery. Other than that, you’re all allowed to experience this therapy.

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