What’s Happening To Katrina Kaif? Is She Trying To ‘˜Act’ Instead Of Just Looking Glam-Doll?

Director Sujoy Ghosh has approached Katrina for his next movie. Sujoy is considered to be a sensible director who made intelligent movie like Kahani, totally opposite to what Katrina represents. Can it work?

Katrina Kaif might try something new: Acting!

For her die-hard fans, please don’t be offended!

We are on your side!

In fact we are just as much worried about her, as much you are. We don’t want her to take a decision in haste or try something too risky that can put her in any kind of trouble.

Trying to ACT, is one such risky move, isn’t it?

What has suddenly got us worried is the news in some quarters that Kat has been approached by Sujoy Ghosh to star in his next movie, an adaptation of a Japanese novel, The Devotion of Suspect X! Sujoy is the same director who made the award-winning scintillating suspense movie, Kahani!

Yes, it is the same movie which was appreciated by masses and critics alike and also made, the lead of the movie, Vidya Balan bag all possible awards. You guys can very well imagine the sensibilities of this director and how intelligent he would be to make such an engrossing and intelligent cinema.

Sujoy is such a thorough professional that he sent a copy of the book to Katrina to read so she can herself take a call whether she wants to do that role or not. The scary news is that Katrina has liked the book and is contemplating to accept the offer!

Don’t look at us like that, now! It is scary, not because it is a crazy role, but it is something that requires deep acting skills. It is a psychological thriller about a wife and daughter of a victim who are stuck in between the investigation! Now isn’t this way different for sexy Katrina? Even she accepts it herself as one of the sources close to her said, ‘She’s reading it and thinks it’s an incredibly exciting part – something she hasn’t ever attempted. The script is still in the process of being developed and will go on floors next year.’  WOW!

Come to think of it guys, Katrina has built her entire career on her beauty and sex-appeal. Even the plain simple mango-drink become sexily juicy around her in the advertisements she does. She did try to act in couple of movies, but with her single expression and plain-old smile with that trying-too-hard-to-learn-Hindi-accent, she has fallen flat on her face. Now we love that angle of hers as well.. Oops, just saying!

Anyways, coming to the point, she is around for almost a decade now. Given her glam-doll image, she can be in Bollywood for a few more years before getting married and settling down. Then, the million dollar question is, why to do something which she hasn’t been able to do in all these 10years and retire with a tarnished reputation? Better, stay a pepped-up doll in audiences’ memory forever, by doing what she does best, that is, ooze out sex-appeal and look gorgeous! This way, she can at least maintain her loyal fan-base even after she retires, right?

Just in case she does accept the offer, we pray for Sujoy that he gets enough strength to shake out some ‘acting’ out of her, for his and specially, audience’s sake! Amen!

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