7 Things You Must Strictly AVOID Doing To Your Private Parts!

Private Parts

Discussing about our private parts is as important as discussing about other body parts.

And that’s why our main focus today is to talk about private parts because every person must be aware about what’s going wrong.

Wrong because sometimes when you feel a certain sort of irritation and itching down there; you tend to put cold water or apply something over there. Right? But doing so can actually cause more harm.

So its better you know what you shouldn’t do to your private parts to stay comfortable and healthy.

  1. Piercing

A lot of people tend to pierce down there because they feel it is absolutely cool. But one thing to keep in mind- If it turns out to be done wrongly then the pain will result into causing irritational problems as well.

So strictly avoid piercing down there because frankly it is not at all cool.

  1. Putting sugar

This is absolutely not OK even though you feel it is.

Many women tend to rub sugar onto their vagina so that it’ll smell good and their partner will enjoy tasting it.

On a serious note; no women should get into doing this thing because it can cause yeast infections.

  1. Using hair removal creams

Instead of using hair removal creams; shave or simply wax your hair. Don’t forget that creams contain chemicals in it and therefore they can result into causing harm i.e. infection.

  1. Vaginal Douching

Many women who experience douching regularly are more likely to face troubles. Vaginal irritation and vaginal infection is the main problem and thus women need to stop doing it.

  1. Wearing tight pants

There are many people who wear tight pants so that their legs look sexy but this sexiness can cause you trouble too.

I mean; wear your tight pants but ditch wearing ‘em every-day.

  1. Using toys

Using toys which are not appropriate can cause damage. There was a recent case where a person used bottle as a toy and it clearly infected his private part. So don’t do this mistake and play safe.

Also when you’re using good quality sex toys make sure you wash them.

  1. Over-washing

I understand you want your private parts to be clean but don’t over-wash it.

Over-washing can be harmful and can cause infections.

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