Lavish Prison Of Saudi With Swimming Pool, King Size Bed And Gym

Lavish prison of Saudi

Lavish prison of Saudi – What strikes your brain when you think of a prison? Undoubtedly, rusty strong bars for poorly ventilated room, badly treated by the authorities out there and to be more precise – simple ‘Confinement in gloomy place with minimum amenities’.

This is the condition in almost every prison in our knowledge.

So, here we present you with a Lavish prison of Saudi, South Arabia, where the prisoners are put into the most luxurious way of life. They are provided with a life @ king size  Yes, this is no exaggeration at all!!

Well, you might all not believe my words. So, take a look at these pictures of this prison, that will leave you jaw dropping and wanting to be there. Take a look.

Al-Hair prison, is its name known to be the most lavish prison in the world. The main theme or the motto of this prison is to provide good living conditions for the prisoners. Such a sweetest chance this prison isn’t it!! The prison is lavishly built with high security, providing the best amenities to the criminals or the terrorists living in there.

Lavish prison of Saudi –

King Size Bed:

Unlike the rest of the prisons, this prison in South Arabia provides its prisoners with a large and comfortable bed. It is said that the prison has about 5000 prisoners and the best part being they all living happily in this prison that is providing them with super luxurious rooms, just like the ones in Five star hotels.

Woah, swimming pool too:

This prison also provides with a swimming pool for all its prisoners. What more can any prisoner ask for!! They can happily chill out here.


Seem’s like the prison takes very good care of its prisoners. The prison have fully equipped hospital for treating its prisoners well, when they fall sick.

The prison has a gym for its prisoner to work out and stay fit. The other best things about the place is the prisoners are given very good meals rich with all required vitamins and proteins, lounge for some fresh air and the prisoners were even permitted to talk or communicate with their family.

There is a courtyard to wow! 

Super lavish cells amazing!

I know, by now many of you would love to be at this so lavish prison at once. Haha!! Even I would love being there. Such, a beautiful and well organized prison.

Lavish prison of Saudi photos –

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