10 Kickass Answers For Someone Who Says You Should Lose Weight

Kickass answers for weight loss advice

Kickass answers for weight loss advice – Weight shaming seems to have become as popular as skin colour shaming, in today’s world.

Every now and they are few jerks who start commenting and start giving bull**** advices on weight. Girls stop crying rather give the person left right and centre with your answers.

Here are some Kickass answers for wight loss advice – answers to kill others with your badaas personality!

Kickass answers for weight loss advice – 

  1. Do you think you have put on excess weight? Your clothes are tight!

Hey, I think I have finally become voluptuous! This is a dream come true and they you are ogling at me you must be jealous of me!

  1. You are still cute, but getting a little chubbier day by day; think all this ‘weightiness’ is healthy?

Yes you are right but now I get what? Things expand when they heat and you see Im getting hotter not fat!

  1. Do you have a problem with your thyroid? You look somewhat heavy!

Careful, you are reawakening my hunger for human flesh! I did eat the last individual who insulted me!

  1. Why don’t you attend a gym class or take up yoga? You will trim down to size.

Why don’t you take personality developing classes, you need it you are super rude.

  1. You are truly very fat, aren’t you?

You are dumb aren’t you; my identity is far higher than just a fat-filled body!

  1. Your base (butt) is becoming heavier and heavier. Why don’t you do something about your weighty issue?

I can lose weight and get slim but what about you, ugly cannot be fixed!

  1. Do you think you should be eating so much? Look how plump you are already!

You seem to be in luv with me you are observing me so keenly, but you know what I don’t care!

  1. You will have to change your name to ‘fatso’ if you are not careful. Why don’t you do something about your weight?

You know what being fat is just weight imbalance which can be taken care of but being so stupid is permanent malfunction.

  1. Do you feel comfortable carrying all that excess ‘baggage’ around with you?

Definitely, since it has gotten me sexier partners than before!

  1. Do you want to know what I think of your weight?

What on the world made you think I even care about what you think!

These are Kickass answers for weight loss advice – Do not allow anyone to undermine your self-respect. Regardless of what your external layers look like, it is what is underneath that truly matters. If you keep quite people will only fat shame you don’t become a victim of this matters is your attitude personality and inner beauty than weight! Kill with your answers next time!

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